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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where do you get inspiration and motivation from?

Hello to all my new followers!

I have been checking out your blogs -- your tips and info are great for a newbie like me. I also get a lot of motivation and am inspired by your losses on the scale.

Today I saw this commercial on TV....Very inspirational!

Where do you get your inspiration and motivation from to keep yourself on track for exercise and eating correctly??


  1. Easy answer - two words...BEFORE PICTURES! haha. I was banded on October 1st and yesterday I had my first moment of panic. I just pulled out my before pics and took a look and whew - crisis averted! I also think hey, I went through the process of SURGERY to insert this plastic band, I need to love it with all my heart and not mess it up! Most of all, I owe it to myself to be healthy and look how I want to look. You'll do it! :) Good luck with your surgery! Stop by mine if you have questions.


  2. I love reading everyone's blogs and looking at the before and after pics!

    P.S. Thanks for following my blog, too!

  3. I'm with Adrienne - before pix are a great motivator for me! Plus, I have a little girl and I want to be around to see her grow up. I just got tired of being fat. Finally decided I was worth it. The list could go on and on...

  4. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck on Tuesday with your surgery... I will be one day ahead of you - I am the 19th. A new life begins soon for the both of us. Can't wait to read your updates. Keep reading - Keep blogging! xo - april

  5. I get my motivation by reading everyone's blogs. It really helps you to stay motivated if you have the mentality that we are all in this together. It also helps to blog because I feel like since people know that I am on this journey, I don't want to mess it up :)
    GL with your surgery!!

  6. first of all...Good luck with your surgery!

    as for motivation...i realized that unless i'm happy, my family will not be happy. I had to learn to start doing for myself. I didn't ask my husband his thoughts about the band, i told him i was having it done, and why. I need to be happy AND healthy.
    I have 4 boys, ages 17 down to 2! i need to be around for a LONG time!
    looking back at my very UNHAPPY, TERRIBLE looking before pics.
    reading blogs, being motivation to others....
    looking at my (almost) after pics and not being sicken by them!

    plus, i've given all my bigger clothes away, i wouldn't have anything to wear if i gain it back! ;-)

    take your measurements and before pics!! you will be SO glad you have them to look back on when the pounds start coming off!!