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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Did You Sweat Today?

Did you get your heart rate up today?

Did you make yourself a priority today?

I did!

I went to Zumba and today's class was small so there was no hiding in the back of room.  Wow, did I sweat!  Here's the non-glamorous, no make-up, red-faced proof pic of me right after Zumba class.

Did You Sweat Today?  Let me know what you did!


  1. Nice challenge and reminder. Happy New Year Lap Band Girl...Thanks for everything.

  2. not yet, but the day's not over! We are going on a family bike ride in about an hour, and my hopes are to do a P90X core workout this evening.

  3. no. I didn't and now I wish I woulda! I did nothing today. I cleaned a hair brush and took down some Christmas stuff! Tomorrow I am going to wake up and do a Wii work out. Good Going!! :)

  4. No sweat today except a little from taking down the Xmas decorations. We got our daughters gym memberships as one of their presents so hoping we can turn working out into a family affair.

  5. 45 minute Spin Class. I got my sweat on!

  6. No sweat today, unless you count the fact that it was 50 degrees at the ski resort, and misting...

    Happy New Year!

  7. I sweated but not through exercise lol. I went outside and got hit by the blast furnace that is our weather right now. YUCK.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR Chickadee. Make it a good year.

  8. No sweating on 01 Jan, but I made up for it this morning with a Step class :o)

    This is why you are at goal :o)

  9. Hi. I'm new to the blogs. I can't even remember how I found your blog...but I'm glad I did. I do have a question. How is Zumba? I've been thinking of taking the class twice a week. I was banded November 16, 2010...I'm so excited. Your story is very inspirational.