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Monday, January 31, 2011

Maintenance is Boring...But Just as Difficult as Losing

I wish I had some exciting new weight loss number on the scale to announce to you...but I don't...because maintenance is boring.

I wish I had some exciting news about a new smaller clothes size to announce to you...but I don't...because maintenance is boring.

Is this why so many weight loss bloggers disappear from the blogosphere the moment they hit their goal weight?  Where do they go?  Do they keep the weight off?

I wish that there were more bloggers who would talk about maintenance.  Why?  Because it's just as hard as losing in my opinion.  I still have to keep track of what I eat.  I still have to exercise 4+ times a week.  As I have said over and over..."THERE IS NO DONE."

PS: I'm working on a new color scheme/design for my blog...please be patient while under construction.


  1. It IS boring isnt it? Maybe we just have to make up goals. Like...today I will lose 1 pound. next week, I will gain one pound.


  2. Maintenance IS boring. LOL. We have to start thinking in terms of something besides "weight loss". I think in that way Maintenance is worse. Maybe start a new goals list. Things besides weight loss that you want to accomplish post it and then start marking them off your list! Something that will help keep you excited about maintaining where you are.

  3. Yeah, you know I guess it must be a bit...I have never really thought about it really!

    I'ts not like "Ahh thats done *dusts off hands* wheres the nearest iHop!" We cant go back to 'normal' whatever that used to be, can we.

    I guess this is life now, and maybe I would be better trying not to think about this as a 2 year marathon, more like a permanent change, so if (oh please god) I ever get there, then it might not be so hard... boring maybe, but definately a more healthier version of it.

    keep writing, and dont drop off our feeds :-)

  4. yup--except somtimes scary when the scale goes launching up. I think Amy's idea of goals is a good one. if we managed to do this big thing there have to be other things we want to fix in our lives right? I can surely do some fitness work.


  5. Maintenance is definitely tougher. Sadly, I'm not there yet....er, again, I should say. I still haven't been banded. Still struggling with the insurance company. Maybe a new fitness routine or something would help shake things up or keep boredom at bay...like rollerblading, ice skating, or surfing or something you never tried before. And there are always the NSV's to celebrate!

  6. I can imagine your boredom! I also have wondered what happens to all the bloggers that have reached maintainance phase. There are only two or so that I follow. I hope that by stopping their blogging they do not fall back to bad habits and move in the wrong direction. Hang in there! We still care what you have to say, and your helping us to prepare for what is to come!

  7. I hear you! Although I'm still losing a bit, I consider myself at goal. I am often struck by the tedium of the entire process. It is also hard to come up with things to write about on my blog. I can see why the blogging ranks lighten up after hitting goal. BUT I know how much blogging helps me to process things so please keep writing!

  8. Please pave the way for maintenance bloggers! I know that lots of us will be reading all the valuable insights you have to offer as we work our way down to our goals :)

  9. Yes, I agree, please stay and keep blogging about maintenance. Perhaps tell us what you're eating every now and again.
    And yes: there could be other goals to work on-- what about working on doing 25 push ups in a row (or if you can do that, adding 10 more to the number you can do?)
    Fitness goals are great to keep you trucking along.
    Maybe try a new physical activity or learn how to do something really cool with raw food cooking???
    Or just be you-- because I am totally glad you're here and blogging and letting me know that I can get there too.

  10. I hear ya girlfriend! When I entered maintenance , It was really hard to wrap my head around " it's not over". I lost so much weight in my past failed diets only to get into maintenance & slowly gain it back. That fear is like a big grizzly bear leaning over me.

  11. Definitely keep telling us your secrets to success! Even the little things help. I agree about fitness goals - trying something new? We need you around to show us that it can be done!

  12. Ooo, I'd love to read about your maintenance.

    -Did you go to Zumba? Was it a good workout?
    -What did you eat today?
    -Go to a different grocery store or an international grocery store and get a different food and tell us about it. Post a pic!
    -Take a picture of your breakfast, lunch, dinner or just one and post it.
    -Post a fun recipe.
    -Did you buy a new clothing item? Post a pic!
    -NSVs can still happen! What are they?
    -Goals? ex: "I plan to be between 150-145 in 3 months. Tell us how you're doing.
    -If nothing else, post a daily pic of what you looked like as you headed out the door to work! How encouraging to just see that you are maintaining and looking great daily!
    -Post a pic of you leaving the gym on the days that you work out.
    -Visit your support group and encourage newbies!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really hoping people will continue to do that for my group. We NEED to know that maintenance and whole new life is possible and maintainable. WE NEED YOU STILL! :)

  13. The layout is looking great so far! I don't have much advice, just know we'll still love you even if you don't ever post about anything weight related again! (Of course!) I would think maintenance would be hard, I can't wait to get where you are, though. :)