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Monday, October 25, 2010

How I make it happen...at work

Here's how I make my healthy eating/lifestyle happen while I am at work.

This is all routine for me now, but it took awhile for it to become second-nature. 

Here's a pic from my desk today:
From Left to Right:
  • Pink Post-It Note: I start a new note each day and keep track of protein and calories.  I take it home with me at the end of the day to keep tracking my intake.
  • Vitamins.  I take my B12 and Calcium/D chews in the morning at work.
  • Water    I use a 16.9 oz bottle so I have to get up every few hours to refill it in the cafeteria. Keeps me moving up and down the hallway.  I know that I am on track if I have drank at least 4 bottles before I leave for the day.
  • Mini-Fridge: I know that not all of us have this option, but there is usually a communal fridge in most offices.  If you open my mini-fridge right now you will find: 4 x Fage 2% yogurts, Skim Milk, and String Cheese.  If you ask my male coworkers what they think is in the mini-fridge, they'll say beer.  :)
Here's a pic of my desk drawer:
From Left to Right:
  • Sugar Free Oatmeal: 100 calories and great in a pinch for a quick snack
  • Hot Cocoa mix: 25 calories
  • Soup (at the top): 70 calories
  • Crystal Light drink mixes (Target flavors are the best in my opinion)
  • Calcium/Vit D bites
What do you do to be successful with your healthy lifestyle while you're away from home?


  1. I pre pack my snacks the night before. I use a calorie counter on my iPad. I love it so far. I fail at drinking enough water. I mean fail.

  2. I have to giggle at the big pile of splenda. I keep a whole bunch in my purse because I don't like the blue or pink and not everyone has splenda. I have my office set up a lot like yours. I have all kinds of healthy snacks so I can't sabotage myself.

  3. I love your healthy work environment. I started bringing in bottled water...and I buy a large Crystal Light Fruit Punch drink.

    You gave me some tips today that I'll try. I like bringing the vitamins to work.

  4. Great ideas! Just beginning this journey, I portion out and pack my breakfast and lunch each night. I journal before I eat anything. I really like the online tool that comes with the Realize Band. Like Amanda, I too fail at my waters. I totally need to get them in and only like ICE COLD water (Sonic water is the best w/ the yummy ice). Thanks for the tips :)

  5. No wonder you are successful. Awesome set up.

  6. Morning is a protein shake and coffee. I pack lunch or keep an emergency frozen meal in the freezer at work for back up. Also, there's a little health shop around the corner that has some great protein bars and shakes and I use them in a pinch as well.

  7. I keep some crackers and peanut butter in my desk along with some protein drinks, ice tea mix and a little whizzer to mix my powder or steamed milk. I also bought a bottle of sugar free vanilla flavoring from Starbucks to flavor my milk or coffee. Yum.

  8. Wow you are so organized!!! This is really helpful, thanks!

    Would you be willing to answer the S.O.B. questions? You are a total Superstar!!!

  9. I bring a little insulated bag each day with a variety of stuff that usually includes yogurt, string cheese, something for lunch like chicken salad, maybe some crackers. I rarely eat everything I bring, I like having a bit of a choice while I'm there.

  10. Wow - ok now thats what I called committed AND organised. The best I do is cart my water bottle around with me - but then I'm on the road and I can't do much else. Nice going, sunshine - you rock.

  11. Ok you have given me some great ideas. Love this post. Thanks so much!