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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A First

This post doesn't really have anything to do with the band.

The political issue of 'Gun Control' is a very personal decision for each person.

My only exposure to guns has been on TV, in the movies, and the nightly news.  Therefore, in my mind, guns are for shooting people.  I have never really seen guns presented in real life as a tool for hunting, a means of self-protection, etc.

So, I move to Oregon 3 years ago and BAM, it seems that everyone owns guns here.  Yeah, it's kinda wierd for this sheltered "indoor girl."

My good friend is a hunter and and has guns for protection.  I have never before had a friend that has owned a gun or hunted.  I guess that's what I was in for by moving to the wilderness of Oregon! :)

Anyways, she's been asking me for over a year to go to the shooting range with her and her family sometime.  Well, today I finally took her up on her offer.  It was a good experience and glad that I had the opportunity.

I just don't think that I'll be running down to Wal-Mart (or wherever people buy guns) and picking one up anytime soon.

Here are some pics:


  1. Damn girl, you look hard core!!!!

  2. Way to go! You look like a pro!

  3. Good for you! I'm one of those "gun nuts" so I am always impressed when I see a girlfriend pick one up for the first time. Addictive, huh?