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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Rules

I should really put this as a sidebar on the blog here so I can see it everyday....

I try to remind myself about the Lap Band rules..it usually only happens some of the time...therefore I am putting them here to reinforce them in my head:
  1. Three small meals a day
  2. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly
  3. Stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied
  4. Limit drinking during meals
  5. Limit snacking
  6. Eat only nutritious foods
  7. Avoid fiberous foods
  8. Drink 64oz+ water each day
  9. Drink only low calorie drinks
  10. Exercise


  1. Me too. I think when it is so simple, it is so easy to forget! We all need reminders whether you are a newbie or not so newbie....

  2. Hmm, never heard the fiberous food bit. My doc recommends lots of fresh fruit and veg and legumes- what is the thinking behind limiting it from your perspective? (or your Docs?)

    Just curious ;-)

  3. I love that too. We should all post it where we can see it and read it everyday. I've heard of limiting fibrous foods such as asparagus and corn. I can eat cooked asparagus no problem, but corn gets stuck (unless it is popcorn-then I can eat a ton).

  4. Damn straight. I think I am going to tattoo that on my forearm.

  5. Sandy that's so funny - I can eat regular corn like it's going out of business but popcorn STICKS. lol Why are we all so different!

    Thanks for the rules reminder LBG! :)

  6. The golden rules, I sometimes think we need to have these tattooed on our palms so that we cannot forget them:)

  7. I should get this for my next tattoo! Its so easy to forget the basics-

  8. I have problems with #2 & 3. Also with taking small bites. The fiberous foods my surgeon told me to avoid was celery and asparagus. Luckily I don't care for either.