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Saturday, August 28, 2010

From My Rack to Yours... (all taken)

After shipping off two swimsuits to AMY yesterday, I've continued my closet overhaul.... I've been digging through my closet to ensure all the clothes that are there actually fit me.  I don't want any "crutches" of bigger sized clothes sitting around, except my "Play Jared (from Subway) official before pants".

Here's what I found.  Email me at lapbandgal@yahoo.com if you're interested:

Black Skirt (polyester/spandex/stretchy), size 2XL, very twirly/flippy at the bottom:

Black dress with turquoise trim, for the taller ladies.  size: XL, however it's stretchy tshirt material so probably more like a size 18W:  TAKEN

Lane Bryant Dress, size 18/20:  TAKEN

Black cocktail dress, size 16W.  Great for a black tie event. I had it professionally tailored/shortened.  I'm 5'4". TAKEN


  1. I'd love to have the skirt. Emailing you now.

  2. I would love to have the cocktail dress! I am also 5 ft 4. Jcraft42003@yahoo.com. ill email you tonight!

  3. If you come across any 14's... I am having a terrible time finding any! I am short too!

  4. Will do Heather

    @Jocelyn>> the dress is yours

  5. i'd love the lane Bryant dress if nobody else has claimed it.

  6. It's yours Gilly, email me your mailing address

  7. yay and good for you for making a donation to the girls! Apparently no one wants the stuff from my rack... :( oh, well I will donate it it locally if the sisterhood doesn't take it...