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Saturday, August 7, 2010

How I Lost 100 Pounds

Wait, before you jump to conclusions...I'm talking about a new documentary on TLC last night called "How I Lost 100 Pounds."

They profiled folks who lost weight the old-fashioned way, with the band, and other ways...

The woman who was profiled with the band had plastic surgery after losing her weight and looked great!  I didn't exactly agree with the way she portrayed the lifestyle of having a band...  She made it seem like she can just eat whatever and her band keeps her in check...while that perhaps is partially true, in my opinion there's a lot of hard work involved that perhaps she wasn't giving herself credit for or didn't want to talk about on the show....I feel she portrayed it as the "quick fix".  It could also be how they edited the footage they took of her...who knows.

Anyways, go set those DVRs and check it out.  Let me know what you think!  :)


  1. I saw the show last night and was happy they profiled someone with the band. I too didn't like how it looked like she was eating whatever. The scene at the table where her mom told her she had to eat "good stuff" was a bit funny as I wondered if the prepared meal by the grandmother was healthy or not. She looked amazing after the PS. I think the show portrayed that no matter what way they chose to lose the weight, it was ALL hard work.

  2. Interesting! I might have to poke around and see if I can download that ep somewhere. :)

    I've done 100 pounds down the "traditional way" before, and all but the most recent few pounds of my loss this time could be considered done that way too, as I'm only just starting to feel restriction. What I am seeing about the band is that it's far from the easy way out, that's for sure, and it only 'works' if we make the right choices. It's definitely something I'm having to explain to others over and over again, especially those who think the band works like bypass. We're workin' *hard* over here in band-land, no doubt about that! ;D

  3. Oh I hope I can catch this in a rerun - sounds interesting.

  4. I watched it last night, too! I saw the lap band girl and felt so connected with her! I was a little confused when her mom was saying she needs to watch what she eats, I thought, wait doesn't the band do that? She was eating something like salad at the time, so it was very confusing for me, the way it was edited together. I guess they are saying that she eats poorly, but I agree that I can't eat poorly all the time and still lose weight, so I dunno.

    Very cool show, though!

  5. I saw it last night, too and had the same reaction as you and Sandy. She looks great, but I don't think that profile gave an accurate portrayal of what living with the band really entails.

    The woman profiled is also very young and from the looks of it, things worked very easily for her because she didn't have the big lose/gain syndrome many of us have suffered through.

    Interesting show, for sure!

  6. I think that her mother was a pain in the butt though. She seemed to still put her down.

  7. I was confused by this as well! When the mom was harping about the salad? she was eating..I stopped and took a good look at the parents body types..uhhhh they looked like they could stand to lose a few also!! gracious..maybe it was how it was cut..I don't know. The runner lady had me squirming a bit when she started burning all her underclothes! lol

  8. I saw that show too! I didn't really like the way they portrayed her either. I mean, when she had a partial un-fill before the plastic surgery she then decided to go home and "celebrate" by eating cookies?? They never showed her exercising either which bothered me. I just think a lot of people who want to get banded would have very unrealistic expectations if they were only going off of watching that show. I thought they kind of glossed over the whole thing and made it look kind of easy...but that was just my impression.

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