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Sunday, October 28, 2012

What's In My Fridge?

Here's a quick shot of what's currently in my fridge (I just went grocery shopping!):
Top shelf (L to R): 2% cottage cheese, spinach/herb salad mix, arugula,  Starbucks drink left over from the last house guest, lemon (?) soda drink also left over from house guests...they've been sitting there a few weeks now.

Middle shelf (L to R): 2% shredded Mexican cheese, String cheese, 2% Fage yogurts, eggs, goat cheese, 1% milk.

Bottom shelf (L to R): Rotisserie chicken in 3 oz. portions, wine.

Door: Girards Light Champagne dressing, soy sauce.

Onwards to the freezer:
Top shelf (L to R): Trader Joe's Asian Marinated Chicken breasts, Fudgesicles, Chipotle Chicken Kebabs, Amy's Kitchen Cheese Pizza, Chicken Kiev

Bottom shelf (Top-ish, L to R): Open Nature Cheese Pizza, two types of Trader Joe's turkey burgers, chicken won ton thingys.

Door: Top: Frozen chopped onions, Bottom: new fudge bars that I found at Safeway (haven't tried them yet)
If you're reading this, you've now been tagged! Tagged in the "What's in my Fridge?" blog game.

Your mission: go take pics of what's in your fridge and put 'em up on your blog!

Let's share ideas of what we all eat. Ready, set, GO!


  1. Okay, I've answered your challenge and posted my fridge contents on my blog. I shudder to think what was in my fridge and pantry five short months ago: carbs, fats, processed foods, and did I mention carbs?! LOL. Now my focus is proteins and veggies.

  2. Thanks for doing this! Fun and informative at the same time!

    I too, love some Fage!

    Sandra :)

  3. Im just seeing this now. I am terrified to show you what's in our fridge. But on a high note we are eating out of house and home... literally we are only eating from the cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer to get rid of everything thats there. buying only milk, meat and bread from the store (hopefully hubby will go so Im not tempted by all the holiday candy out there) I hope that this little project will keep me on track and creative.
    Im going to try this fage yogurt that you all speak of when Im in the US on Wednesday.