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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Lap-Band is NOT About Restriction

Three bread sticks...


It happened.

But wait.

Let's rewind...

and start at the beginning.

In case you didn't hear, I had a one full cc unfill before the big job change and move to another state.  That was about a month ago.   From 7.8 cc's to 6.8 cc's.

Since mental stress is the usual culprit for causing my band to feel tighter, I wanted to avoid any band tightness issues while I was in transition.

Careful what you ask for.

My band is pretty much non-existent these days.

I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want.

Trust me, I've been testing it.

This doesn't mean that I always eat whatever I want.

It's that I shouldn't eat whatever I want.

This level of restriction reminds me of how my band was for about the first year and half-ish after surgery.

So let's fast forward to my visit to the Olive Garden last weekend.

THREE bread sticks.

In one sitting.


Luckily (unluckily?) this level of restriction works quite well for being the office newbie where everyone wants to take me out to lunch. I've been chowing down at the local Chinese, Thai, Japanese restaurants...pretty much all the way around the world.  Tempura makes me happy. Oh, and Turkish too.  Yum.

Unfortunately, I get hungry after about 2-3 hours after eating a 4 oz lean protein meal.

That's bad news.

At my previous level of restriction, I was never hungry... Pretty much ever.

It was amazing.

For me, hunger and appetite suppression is what the Lap-Band is for ME.

One of my all-time favorite online articles about the concept of restriction with the Lap-Band is HERE.  I puffy heart it. Go read it. Now. It's awesome.

I am going to attempt to ride out this level of restriction until January when my new health insurance kicks in.

Perhaps after almost three years of being a self-pay patient, my new employer's health insurance will NOT have a weight loss surgery exclusion on the policy (like the last one did)?

Perhaps my band adjustments will be covered?

My fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed.

Can you please cross yours too?


  1. I love this article! Thanks for posting!!! I'm going to share at my support group on Thursday.

  2. OMG! I am so glad that I read this! Have I been thinking about this the wrong way for a very long time! Thanks xoxo

  3. Can't wait to go read that article, thanks for sharing. You should ask HR if the policy has an exclusion before you wait that long to find out. I mean, those are dangerous times, sistah! :)

  4. If it can be crossed, I'm crossing it!

  5. Crossing everything for ya!

  6. Thanks for that article! Since I'm less than a month from being banded, I'm super glad I was able to read that before hand. I really want to go into this with the right mindset...thanks again!

  7. EVERY bandster and pre-bandster should read this!!!! Thank you for sharing this, I'm going to share on my blog as well! :)
    Good luck with your insurance!

  8. WOW! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I needed that TODAY. I will even cross my hairs for you! I will also send healthy vibes your way that you DON'T need health insurance for anything else!
    As for stress....OMG....stress and my band are an evil mix. But, then again, sress and my jaw is an evil mix. And, stress and my head. And, stress and every bone in my body. Why should it be any different for my band (since it IS a part of my body!)?
    Good luck with all the eating challenges!

  9. OMG -- please be careful! I look to you as an example that maintenance is possible without backsliding! Rooting for you - and fingers crossed re the insurance.

  10. Thank You for posting this article! I am 4 days post banding an this article really made a few light bulbs go off for me! I have been reading and reading and reading about the lap-band- this article has made some grey areas so very clear! thank you again!!

  11. The band is a very funny thing. I have only 3CC total in my band right now and I can't eat any form of bread AT ALL, and never have. I've tested it, believe me, and it's a disaster every time.
    Congrats on the new job and I'm pulling for excellent health insurance!

  12. I'll keep my fingers x'd for you--but as a benefits expert (its my job) I can tell you from experience that even though more insurance companies are open to covering bariatric procedures, the majority of the time, insurance will not pick up maintenance for procedures performed previously--however, this is in no way saying it won't--I don't know your health plan--it's just been my personal experience working with different health plans.

  13. Wishing you all the best!!

    Thanks for posting that article....Soooooooo true!

  14. I hope your new insurance has coverage for you. That would be amazing. And I LOVE that article. I re-read it occasionally for a mental re-set when I feel I need one.

  15. Thank you so much posting this article! I actually called this morning and scheduled a fill for the end of this week, but after reading this I am totally rethinking that idea. I have only ever had 2 fills, the last one was in February. I am able to eat more now than several months ago, but after reading this, I know it's just because I have become lax about measuring and logging food.

  16. WOW... Love this article. This was perfect timing for me...Thank you.

  17. I've read this article before but thanks for posting it...it was a timely reminder of things I had lost sight of!

  18. Everything is crossed for you!

  19. Oh yes. Definitely crossing everything. xx

  20. Great article, thanks for sharing! I hope the insurance works out for you!

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