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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Did I tell you that Dancercise was a total bust?  Yeah. It was old people doing floor exercises on mats with one jazzy song at the end of class. What a bummer... I withdrew from the class.

Therefore, I've been doing lots of Zumba, On Demand Fitness classes (through my cable TV), and swimming laps.

Would you like to guess what I've been up to for 40+ hours each and every work week? Here's a hint. Yep. I'm still in the food industry. Yum.
Obama is in the closet. Literally. My Obama yard sign is currently being stored in my patio storage closet because I have no yard to put it in. The folks that run my apartment complex have a rule about no signs in the windows AT ALL. So, Obama is not in the window. Whatevs.

Pemberley likes to exercise too. She knows exactly where to lay (lie?) when I'm trying to get my fitness on. Helpful.
I've been unpacking boxes. Lots of boxes. When I find stuff in boxes, I sometimes put them on my head.
Weigh-in day tomorrow. Guess what Saturday is? October 20. Now think a little harder.  Something kinda BIG happened three years ago on that day.

I've been decorating. Hangin' stuff on walls. Ya know. Getting "settled" as they say. What do you think? Too patriotic with the stars? Discuss.

I'm now on a first name basis with the people who work behind the counter at my local Baja Fresh. We're tight.  BFFs. Did you know that the music that they play at Baja Fresh is really Zumba music? Or wait...is Zumba music really Baja Fresh music?  Now I get the urge for a taco every time I go to Zumba.

Cinnamon rolls make me happy. What makes you happy?


  1. I like the decor. Pemberly is so cute. :)

  2. Sounds like you are getting all settled in! I love your place, it looks great. Glad things are going so well for you. I admire your bravery for picking up and making such a big move. Happy 3 year bandiversary! What a great investment in your future that was!!!

  3. cinnamon rolls also make me happy, yum! .... the decor looks great nice and cozy. the stars look fine it is not like they are red white and blue or anything lol

  4. I like the stars and I *love* the hat. I think that should definitely be a wardrobe staple. Oh, and my silly, adorable, frustrating, happy, almost-two-year-old kid makes me happy. :)

  5. Your new place is SO cute! I want to come visit.

  6. "Weighing in" on the decor---I LOVE IT! What a beautiful home! May you have many happy moments there!
    Happy Bandiversary! You definitely are a walking-talking (blogging) advertisement for Lap Band! Congrats on all of your success!

  7. Please come to Texas and decorate my house. I will do Zumba with you and my kids will wear funny hats with you!

  8. Happy almost you-know-what-i-versary! Too funny re the Baja/Zumba connection! Loving the decor -- your home looks great!

  9. Three years ago on Oct. 20? My middle daughter turned 14. It was a scary time. This Saturday, she turns 17. Scarier. Oh, you mean what happened to YOU. :) You became LapBandGal! Happy surgeversary!

    As for the decor, I really love it. I like the colors so much, and I don't think the stars are too much at all. If anything, they may be too symetrical with their placement. Maybe consider something more asymetrical -- the two stars on one side (one over the other) with the mirror on the other side?

    1. PS, I love the placement of the pictures over your sofa. Perfect.

  10. I like your taste!(kinda iffy on the pink hat though. lol JK...you really do look cute)


  11. Cupcakes make me very happy...probably too happy. Lol.

  12. Ooh, I'm liking the stars! I have no sense for decorating. I have a huge wall in my kitchen that is totally bare becuase I have no idea what to put there. The place is looking very nice.
    I hope you're enjoying the new job.

  13. I LOVE Baja Fresh! :)

  14. The stars look great! Pemberly is cracking me up with his "exercising" Ha! Happy early bandiversary! I've never been to baja fresh but all the pictures you keep posting are making me want to seek one out! Oh and of course my kiddos make me happy... and cupcakes...