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Monday, October 1, 2012

Not Forgetting.

I got my closets organized this weekend and unpacked more boxes.

Oh. What an exciting life that I do lead.

But seriously, I'm slightly concerned that I've become a big-time clothes shopper since I can now fit into smaller sizes! My closets are getting full.

Anywhoozle, along with all my size small tops and workout gear, I unpacked the three items of clothing that I hope that I will never get rid of: my old fat jean shorts (Size 24W), my old fat green shirt (Size 22/24), and one pair of my fat black pants (Size 22).

I've put them up on the shelf where I can see them often and never forget where I've been with my body size and appearance:

Here I am wearing those same black pants back in June 2009:

And here are those exact same jean shorts with a current pair of my shorts. Wow! What a difference.


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  2. You've done so well,LBG!

  3. The comparison pic of the shorts is amazing! You have done an awesome job!

  4. So much better to spend money on clothes than food!

    I have a feeling your self confidence today is quite different than what it was.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Now I'm wishing I would have saved something from my fatty days! What a great inspiration for you. Great job.

  6. I love looking at old clothes. I have a pair of size 26 (uk) trousers. One day I hope to be able to stand in one leg. xx

  7. I hope you know that the fact you are still posting after reaching goal and maintaining is wonderful. Thank you for not falling into the "I was never where you are" hole. You inspire us newbies who are here and in the learning stages of the band and I am grateful for your blogging - I read a different post whenever I am able - in order - and I feel like I am not alone. You are awesome!! Thank you for not ignoring those of us who are still on the journey.

  8. Love the differences in the shorts! too cute!

  9. Wow what a difference in shorts!
    I have read all your old posts (stalker alert!)
    And it really is hard to think of you as anything other than a person that has always been fit and healthy.
    You are everything I inspire to be!

  10. I didn't save ANY old clothes, and I totally regret that. It would be nice to see the difference like you did with the shorts photo.

  11. Amazing to see the differences!

    I packed up my size 22s and sent them off with a friend for a clothing drive her church was doing. I called her the next day in a panic telling her not to get rid of them because I needed at least 1 pair of fat jeans back! I hope to have some amazing then and now pictures to show off in a year or so.

  12. love the clothes comparison with the shorts. wow.