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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

That All Important Question...

There is one, single question that you guys ask me via email and messages on Facebook pretty much each and every day.

What could this one question be?  Here you go:

"Do you have loose skin?"

Which I would like to respond with the smart-ass response of: is the Pope Catholic?

Yes, I have loose skin.

Yes, it is unsightly.

For me, it is mainly an issue for me in the belly/abdomen area.  But really, it's all over my body. Extra wobbly bits (as I lovingly refer to my extra skin) are everywhere.

It's like bread dough.  

It's squishy.

It's evidence of where I've been on my weight loss journey.

It's weird.

But all the toning and lifting weights really helps with the loose skin.

And let me tell ya, I would rather be healthy with loose skin than a fatty again at 260 lbs...


Please don't let the loose skin issue not cause you to get healthy and lose weight.

I put this video on YouTube in June 2011. I think it shows off the wobbly bits quite nicely.

PS: Spanx are a girl's best friend.


  1. I'm 100+ pound down. I named my extra belly skin, "Otis." Otis sucks. But I'm alive. :) When I decided to have Lap Band surgery, I had to figure out where I'd get the money. My answer was: my "new car fund." Why spend my car money on a Lap Band? 'Cuz you can't drive a new car if you're dead. I'm happy to say that I'm alive and drive a semi-crappy car. :)

  2. spanx is a lot of women's best friend! It's a lucky person indeed who doesn't have wobbly bits after losing so much weight. It's too bad it has to be so, but it's the price I'll have to pay for getting to the point I did and the badge I wear for taking off the weight. Although if I could afford it, when I'm done I'd think about doing the skin removal surgery....we shall see.