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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"When the well's dry, we know the worth of water."

I've been getting emails and questions from you guys asking how I get in over 100 oz of water each day.  It's not too difficult now, but it was super crazy hard at first.  

I have found a few tricks that seem to work for me that I will share with you.

But first, let's have a respectful moment of silence for the good ol' days of when I would only drink Mt. Dew, Coke Classic, and juices.  {{silence}}  Yum.  I hardly EVER drank any water back then.  

However, when I did start drinking water I noticed a few not so fun side effects like some crazy heartburn and peeing every hour.  But guess what?  Those symptoms went away after about a week or so.  Now I have no heartburn and pee every two hours. 

Here's how I get my water party going, in extreme ridiculous detail (you've been warned):
  • I start the day (6am) with a new 32 oz. Powerade Zero.  I've been officially addicted to these for about two months now.  Let me know if you know of a 12-step program for this.  Beware: the red flavor dyes your mouth red and makes you look like a scary vampire when you talk (bonus!). 

  • Before I can have my breakfast (approx. 9am), I need to have drank that 32 oz. up.  I also will have drank (drunk?) a 16 oz coffee too in there. Coffee does not count towards my water total.

  • After breakfast, I refill the bottle with tap water and add in a Propel Zero packet or Walmart Grape knock-off brand of crystal light.  I HATE Walmart and this grape flavor makes me go in to that evil place.  I buy 20 boxes at a time that lasts me months.

  • Anyways, I know that I have to get that next 32 oz down before lunch (12pm). I will usually wait about 30 minutes after eating before I start drinking again.

  • After lunch, I refill the bottle again (more Propel or Crystal Light) and know that I have to finish it before I leave work for the day (4pm).

  • I refill my same bottle when I get home (more Propel or Crystal Light) and drink that while working out and then finish it off when I take my evening vitamins. 

  • I stop drinking around 7pm...that way I only get up once during the night to pee.
So if you were keeping track, that's about 128 ounces of water for the day.

I made you a nifty spreadsheet 'cuz I think you're kinda cute:

The above process could be done with any size water container.  I used to do this same process with a 16 oz water bottle until I found my beloved Powerade Zero.

By the way, I take my water bottle with me EVERYWHERE

When I am running out the door, I know that my water bottle better be in my purse.

If I'm headed to a meeting at work, I bring it with me.  It's super fun to be the quietly gurgling bandster sitting on the other side of the conference room.  You know what I'm talking about...that gurgle noise that us bandsters get to experience.  Good times.

If I am headed out to a friend's house, the movies, shopping, or anywhere...my bottle is with me.

You know how if you are out and about and don't have your purse with you, you feel kinda weird, almost naked?  That's how I feel when I don't have my bottle with me.

I'm thinking of getting a reusable bottle.  Let me know if you have any recommendations.

*Title quote: courtesy of Benjamin Franklin.


  1. Great advice-- I used to make rules like this for myself.... now, not as much. But I love 'obligating' yourself to have water before you get to your meal.
    I keep water everywhere, especially in my car, at this point-- but I don't have measurements on what I am drinking.
    There are days when my , ahem, pee is too yellow, and then the next day I focus heavily and getting a lot of water in ... I go for clear pee at all times so I am sure I am drinking a ton.
    Good plan on the 32 oz-- and thanks for saying I am cute or whatever, you were writing that just for me, right?!! Ha ha, tx for the encouragement.

  2. I'm in the habit of at least 100oz a day too (or was before my surgery last friday, anyway - now it's work to get in 64!) My office has filtered water, so each Monday, as part of my Monday Bag, I'd throw in 2 bottles of water, and refill those for the week. We're getting more and more into recycling and green practices, though, and I'd love to hear recommendations on reusable bottles, too.

  3. I love my water bottle that I purchased. Less waste and it has a tracking system on it.

    I bought it in Target and am including a link. They have a lot of colors at my store but you get the idea of what it looks like. It's made by thermos. It has a lock on it and a flip lip and doesn't spill at all. It also has a dial on it with 1-6. It's 24 oz so each time I refill it, I dial it to the next number to keep track of how many oz's I have had. It also has a lovely spout which helps with drinking. It's as close to straw like without being a straw. I was told no straws but I can gulp these down nicely.

  4. I have a similar routine. I drink a 16 oz water w/protein powder in it immediately following my workout, then make sure I have 2 more 16 oz bottles before lunch, then two more before heading home. I also have one full bottle immediately following Zumba on those nights I'm in class. Otherwise I use a Mio or Crystal light to Dr. up some water at home before bed. I'm good for about 112 oz each day. : ) Thanks for sharing your routine.
    Also, I love the red Poweraide zero. I have a green one in my fridge right now. Sorta scared to try it. Not sure I love lime.

  5. Sounds like a good plan. Do you ever just drink plain ol water?

  6. Hi there. I'm new to your blog! First off I want to say I love the design of it with all the pictures at the top. You are gorgeous!! Secondly, this is the greatest post ever because it was detailed and I LOVE that. I have a serious problem with getting in water. As in I barely drink any at all. Coffee--no problem!! Kicked soda. I just don't get water in like I should. I am going to actually print this post out and put it on my refrigerator and attempt to follow it b/c up until now I've been having some kind of brain freeze on how to make this happen for me. Thank you!!

    1. just commit to it for a week. It will take a little getting used to, but LBG is right, your body adjusts. I used to be like you and only drink coffee or a little something with a meal. Now, in preparation for my surgery, I am drinking 64 oz a day and never with a meal. I got used to it and now I am thirsty for it all the time. Let me know how you feel.

  7. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning with all the water, but like you, once I got myself on a scheduled routine with it I have no trouble. I drink a 16 oz bottle on my way to work, a 16 oz bottle during each class (we have 4 classes a day) and then a 16 oz on my way home. I will usually drink one more bottle after I get home (for a total of 112 oz) and I always stop before 7pm. Unfortunately, I can not go two hours without having to go pee. I still go at least every 30-45 minutes...sometimes more often.

  8. I do the exact same thing with my 33.8 oz Smart Water bottle! Jazz twins! ;-)

  9. Is drinking Powerade, and flavored water drinks really the same as drinking natural, unflavored water? I mean I have used crystal light or powerade zero in the past (but not regularly), but I have never counted it towards my water consumption. I guess if this is the only way to get "water" in it is better than nothing, but there is a whole lot of chemicals and aspartame being consumed in this process every day.

  10. Nalgene makes great bottles. There's wide mouth and more narrow ones. They never leak. Although I only use them for straight water. If you add powders to them, I don't know how hard they are to clean.

  11. I use a metal SIGG brand refillable water bottle to reduce the use of plastics and avoid BPAs. I also carry a water bottle with me everywhere. The fun thing about a metal bottle is that if you're a total clutz like me and drop it several times a day, the metal ends up dented and scratched. That way people know you are a serious water drinker.

  12. wow 100oz. I think that will be my challange for next week.

  13. I am a 100 oz a day gal as well, maybe we can get a secret handshake

    Ummm butt first let me wash my hands

    Lol.... Lmao.... Sorry ;)

  14. I got a couple of 32 oz Nalgene bottles (in pink, natch!). I am constantly drinking one of them, and don't go anywhere without them either. I don't have empty water bottles all of my apt anymore, and feel good about the reusable bottle.

  15. I am getting banded on 3/20, and am worried about getting in enough water. I currently drink between 100-130 oz a day and have heard it's really difficult to get it down after surgery. I do drink one 20oz Sobe Lifewater (Acai Fruit Punch) and the rest is plain waiter.
    I recently purchased a CamelBak Eddy bottle and really like it. It doesn't allow me to chug my water anymore, which is good practice.