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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Hugemongous Shout Out To...

Awhile ago I received a lovely email from Miss Lorie over at I Just Ate My Willpower.

We ended up emailing back and forth about that oh so fascinating topic of....wait...I can't tell you that, because what happens in the emails, stays in the emails.

But she did ask nicely for a shout out because she is looking for more banded blogging support in her journey to drop those pounds.  Did you know that Miss Lorie ran THREE miles yesterday AND did an hour of Zumba? Yep. 'Cuz that's how she rolls.  She's lost 98 lbs! Please stop by her blog and say "hi".

By the way, have you seen what we've been up to over on Facebook?
Lastly, time is running out to enter the workout top giveaway, Fantabulous Ruffles With Love. Go throw your name in the hat. Seriously. Free stuff people. A no brainer. Go. Now.


  1. Miss Lorie is AWESOME! She's one of the first ones I started following when I started my journey about 4 months ago. I hope to do as wonderful as she has since she started! Such a great inspiration!
    Oh and she is one HELL of a dragon warrior! :-)

  2. I hadn't seen her so thanks for the link!