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Friday, March 23, 2012

How Do I Know When I Need An Adjustment To My Lap Band?

TWO blog posts in ONE day?!?  You're welcome.


Sometimes when I hear that comment "the Lap Band is just a tool", the voice of the teacher from Charlie Brown pops into my head.  Wha, wha, wha...  I start to space out and think about lovely things like kittens and unicorns. To say that I have a short attention span is an severe understatement.

Since this band is just a tool, I like the fact that we get to use our bands HOW WE WANT.  The beauty of the Lap Band: It's ADJUSTABLE.

I know that there are some bandsters who determine whether they need an adjustment or not based on what foods they can or cannot eat.  That's cool.  That's how they roll. Whatevs. To each their own.

But, that's not how I determine if I need a fill or adjustment to my band.

For example, today's breakfast was an English muffin with peanut butter and jelly and some milk. 

At 8:30am in the morning.  It took me about 25 minutes to eat.  Delish.

I think that the last time I had this bready type of food (and drank with a meal) was Christmas vacation?  Those were good times.
Oops, forgot to take the pic before I ate BOTH halves. Yum.
Anyways, just because I can eat bread in the morning, does not mean that I need an adjustment to my band.

Now, let's say that I ate 3-4 oz. of lean protein (chicken, fish, pork, etc) with veggies/salad and was hungry two hours later, then I would start to wonder.  If the hunger trend happened repeatedly for a few weeks.  Then, I would make an appointment for an adjustment to my band.

It's all about the hunger control for me.

I have never wanted my band to restrict my food choices.  Those choices are up to me. 'Cuz I'm a control freak (with the attention span of a mosquito).

PS: Just in case you are curious, I have 7.4 ccs in my 10 cc Lap Band.


  1. I have to say, I agree with you 100%

  2. YOu make a good point. I think I am at the right level because I stay full for 3 hours....not because I can't eat a tortilla. I have the same philosophy me making the choices 90% of the time (not my band) and I am a control freak!

  3. I'm an in the process of getting my lapband, April 20th is my last appt for my insurance and then I get to schedule surgery! I love your blog, it has been so informative and helpful and has really made me feel good about my decision. I will be starting a blog soon just for my band journey, and hopefully it will be as informative to others as yours has been to me. I do have a question, since you are now in the maintaining phase, how often do you go for a fill/fills within a year? How much do these cost since you were a cash patient? (if you dont mind me asking). Is there anyone out there that has insurance covering the procedure that knows if they cover after the first year? So many questions I KNOW!

    1. I maybe get fills twice a year now? maybe? Not sure. I am self pay and my surgeon charges $125 per fill/visit. I would guess that your insurance covers the surgery itself, then it will cover follow up care/fills after 1 year.

      Can't wait to see your new blog :)

  4. Such a good post that I felt compelled to write a big response :) its over at my blog: http://tinasweight-lossjourney.blogspot.com


  5. Yep, I agree completely. I know it's time for a fill when I'm eating bandster portions of protein and veggies and I'm hungry again 2 hrs later.

  6. I agree with you. For some reason when I hear "I can eat bread so I need an adjustment" annoys me.

  7. I am in the midst of trying to figure out with my surgeon if I need a fill or an unfill. He thinks that since I am not hungry at all, that my body may be in starvation mode and my metabolism has stopped and so has the weight loss. I have had three fills I think since my surgery last March and in Seot my surgeon told me that he felt like I was in my green zone. On Tuesday I will go for a look at "Gerty" under fluro to see how my little friend is operating.

  8. This was interesting. My brother has the band but I don't. I still like learning about it though so i can relate!

  9. Ha ha! I like the "Those choices are up to me. 'Cuz I'm a control freak (with the attention span of a mosquito)" You make me smile! Yep, it's all about choices!

  10. Great post!! Thank you for sharing. I have always thought about my restriction is terms of what I can or can't eat. Just recentally I am focusing on how long it keeps me full.