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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Have a Secret! Do You Promise Not To Tell Anyone?

Exercise is the secret to my successful long term weight loss and maintenance.


I know.
An impromptu photo shoot at Jazzercise last night.  
And I know what you're thinking...yes, I workout in a log cabin.  


  1. How freaking much do I adore you??? So cute.

  2. THat is so funny, bc before I saw what you typed at the bottom I swear I was going to say "Do you workout in a log cabin"? That is very Abe Lincoln. I dig it.

  3. Love it!!! Now I want a log cabin to work out in too (smile)

  4. We live in Oregon. Aren't ALL buildings log cabins?

    You are so cute! And a total stud!

  5. LMAO! I was sitting here reading this and checking out your picture - and then I did a double-take and said in my head "omg is that a f*ing log CABIN!?" and I stared for a few more minutes and then I scrolled down and read your sentence! LOL!! CLASSIC!!

  6. I love the log cabin - hahaha. I want to do Jazzercise too. We need a video.

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