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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Penny Wise and A Dollar Stupid

There's another analogy that's been floating around in my head for awhile now.

Or maybe it is a simile.

Who knows?  I barely passed those reedonkulous SAT's back in high school.

I can tell that you're excited to hear this analogy.

Are you bursting with fruit flavor?  I am.

Here you go:

Saving money is a lot like weight loss.

I think that this is one of the main reasons that I have been successful with my weight loss and maintenance. 

I am a personal finance freak. 

To prove this fact, I admit that I subscribe to Kiplinger and Forbes magazines.  Gasp!

This is one of my favorite non-fiction books:
I also admit to having seen finance queen Suze Orman in person three times: one book signing and twice when she was on stage at speaking events.

In case you didn't know, Suze's kinda scary in real life.  Kinda like TabathaAnd...Suze makes people cry.  A lot. Even the men.  Every single person who asked her questions at these events seemed to end up in tears.  But wait, I digress.

How many times have I uttered that convincing phrase "I deserve it" when looking at a adorable top or pair of spicy tight jeans that I know that I can't afford?  Lots of times.  But I usually put the clothes back on the rack when I know that I can't afford it.

How many times have I stood in front of a plate of brownies or cookies telling myself "I deserve it"?  Too many times to count.  But I'm getting better at passing up these calorie death-traps.

I've always known that the road to wealth is paved with goals.

Coincidentally, I'm finally learning that the road to health is paved with goals too.

Goals have been key for me to be successful with the band.

I remember when I originally decided to have Lap Band surgery back in the summer of 2009, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would get to my goal weight of 145lbs. 

There were no thoughts of "will I fail?"   I didn't give myself the option to even think like that.

When I was struggling a few weeks ago with my food choices, I realized some pretty clear warning signs that I'd lost my focus of my goal and I was making excuses (I'm a professional excuse maker):
  • I'll eat better tomorrow...
  • If only...
  • I deserve it...
So the next time I feel like going through the drive-thru at Taco Bell or my local donut shop (yes, they have an oh-so convenient drive-thru), I think that I will say to myself in my bestest scary Suze voice, "DENIED!"


  1. I am a follower of Dave Ramsey's financial approach and he often makes parallels between getting physically fit and financially fit. The both require a focused long term plan.

  2. This is a great point, I am a master at saving money. What a unique way to look at losing weight....lots to think about.

  3. I love it. My finances, much like my weight, were completely out of control until recently. And I love Suze.

    Also, all of the donut places around here have drive-thrus. It's crazy!

  4. She sounds like a genius. I wonder if she'd get me to stop going through the drive-thrus... ;)

  5. I love Suze. I truly would be afraid to talk to her about my finances though. One of my favorite financial phrases is "Big Hat No Cattle" G and I use it all the time when discussing people that appear to have it all, but are in credit card debt up to their eyeballs. : )

    I like comparing financial goals to weight loss goals. I'm getting a tiny deposit today (in my band) and hopefully that will get me back on track because while I haven't been gaining, I'm definately not to my goal yet.

    Thanks for always having thought provoking blog posts.

  6. Very wise post. The reason I never kept the weight off when I lost it was because I went back to my non-thrifty ways and allowed things in that I should not have. I do have my little treats, such as frozen yogurt, but I try very hard not to go to bakery items or real ice cream. They are way too expensive for my health!

  7. I'm definitely better at money issues than weight issues. lol

    I followed the Dave Ramsey plan for a year and it was awesome! I used cash only. I had like 12 envelopes! lol

  8. Good post! I've always felt that overeating and shopping were my bad habits. Food and material things can't make you feel better. I need to keep that in mind, especially after I have surgery.

  9. What a great way to think about weight loss. Too bad I've always sucked at saving money :( but next time I want something and I don't have the caloric room for it, I'm gonna keep this in mind!