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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Weigh-in Day & Cookies The Size of My Butt

Goal Weight:  145 lbs

Today's Weight:  141.6 lbs

These Friday weigh-ins are gettin' pretty unexciting.

Like watchin' paint dry.

Just sayin'.

So let's talk about cookies, shall we?

I've told you before where I work.

There are some serious cookies and snacks ALL up in here.  Yum.  Delish!  Place some orders online and keep me employed.  Mmmmkkay?

But did you know that there are PHOTOS of cookies and snacks ALL over the place too?


I've walked pass this lovely cookie banner every single day, multiple times a day...for five years now.

It's like an alcoholic working in a bar. 
And let me tell ya...it doesn't blend into the background after awhile.  I look at it each..and...every...time. Do you know what I think as I pass by?  "I really want a cookie."


  1. One of the things I think about is getting to maintenance phase and being able to relax a bit on food choices. However, I understand that working where you do, that it's important to keep the work behavior modified because that could easily be a slippery slope.

    Congrats on the continued rockin of maintenance. And no, it isn't boring to see your success each week. It's hope lady. Hope. :)

  2. I kinda want a cookie right now too...that's a pretty powerful poster!

  3. Luckily I work in software development, I'd be bigger than all outside if I worked in a cookie company! I also have to agree with TZ, that's a pretty powerful poster because now I'm thinking about the chewy double fudge cookie from Great American Cookies!

  4. That is just torture!

  5. I think you should sneak in one night and graffiti the heck out of that poster. LOL

  6. That's the absolute WORST! A constant reminder of something everyone loves!

  7. How many chews would it take to swallow one of those? Lol

  8. Oh the torture!!! I don't think I could take it. H&D would get my entire paycheck back in orders.

    Keep rocking your maintenance.

  9. I would totally take a bite out of that poster.

  10. YIKES! I would have to quit! lol