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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workout Wednesday...Playlist Style!

Thank you for your motivational comments on yesterday's post.  You have some really great ideas as well philosophies on how motivation can come and go.


I see so many of you are getting your sweat on...I've been reading all your comments today on the Facebook page: Tara did some strength training and cardio with her trainer, Chris went for a walk, Vanessa ran a 5k AND went hiking, and Lauren did interval aerobics. Impressive!

I am planning on going roller skating tonight.  Not sure if I'll get my sweat on, but it will be more exercise than sitting on the couch at least.  If I remember to take a pic, I will post it.  Last night it was 85+ degrees at my Zumba class.  Boy did we sweat.
Do you have a certain playlist of songs that you listen to when you workout? I am always looking for new songs, so please let me know either in the comments or on your own blog.

Here are my current favorite workout songs (in no particular order):
  • Don't Let Me Down (Swing) by Zumba Fitness
  • Brass Monkey by The Beastie Boys
  • Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce
  • The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • It's in His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song) by Vonda Shepard
  • Girls on the Dance Floor by Far East Movement
  • Sweat (A La La La La Long) by Inner Circle
  • We Speak No Americano by Yoland Be Cool & DCup
  • Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada
  • Gimmie Gimmie by Beanie Man
  • Boom Boom by Kumbia Kings


  1. The Waka Waka (this time for Africa) by Shakira is definately on my list. It's from my Zumba class. I downloaded it from iTunes after the first class!

    I also have a the following:
    River Deep Mountain High - Tina Turner
    Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga (LOVE)
    We weren't born to Follow - Bon Jovi
    SuperMassive Black Hole - Muse

    There are tons more, but those are my current favs!

  2. Those sound great I just downloaded Brass Monkey and The Sound of Sunshine.....Thanks

    Some on my playlist right now are

    Clumsy Fergie
    Fergalicious Fergie
    Pump Up the Jam Technotronic
    So What Pink
    Real World Matchbox 20
    Lose Yourself Eminem
    Raise Your Glass Pink

    I dont have a long list yet and some might seem strange or old but they get me going.......lol.

    By the way did 40 mins on elliptical today and burned 312 cals.....

  3. You MUST check out Girl Talk. My friend Sheryl (aka Bitchcakes) recommended their album and I LOVE working out to it. My workout mix (that I put on "random" and go includes:

    And She Was - Talking Heads
    I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
    Julius - Phish
    Down With Disease - Phish
    Sample In A Jar - Phish
    Three Little Birds - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    Get The Party Started - Pink
    Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
    You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette
    Girls - Beastie Boys
    Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys
    Fergalicious - Fergie
    Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
    Roses Are Free - Ween
    Whip It - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
    Free - Phish

  4. So what - Pink
    S&M - Rihanna
    on the floor - j lo
    poker face - lady gaga
    rolling in the deep

  5. Thanks for posting this! I was actually thinking of a blog asking people their favorite songs to workout to. I'm always looking for good workout songs!

  6. I second Girl Talk. Their mash-ups are awesome and very high energy. My playlist also includes:
    Boom Boom Pow - Black-eyed Peas
    Come Baby Come - K7
    Devil Went Down to GA
    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Miranda Lambert
    Dog Days Are Over - Florence & The Machine
    Eye of the Tiger
    F**k You - Cee Lo Green
    Insane in the Brain - Cypress Hill
    Jump Around - House of Pain
    Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
    Slam - Onyx

    I like a variety of all types of music, old school and new. My playlist is huge!

  7. When I used to go on my crazy walking missions after work a few years ago, I would say I was going walking with my friend Michael (Jackson). We'd walk 4-5 miles me and MJ! I'm still a fan of Michael Jackson, but some of the others on my playlist:

    Hey Ya - Andre 3000
    Stayin Alive - Bee Gees
    No Rain - Blind Melon
    Tainted Love - Depeche Mode
    Electric Avenue - Eddie Grant
    You Dropped the Bomb on Me - Gap Band
    Green Light - John Legend & Andre 3000
    Eye of the Tiger - Journey
    Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake
    Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
    Delerious - Prince
    Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkle
    1999 - Prince
    Tricky - Beastie Boys

    And that's straight from my iphone "GYM" playlist folks... Kinda all over the place, I know. lol

  8. Oooh I love new workout music ideas. Here is my current workout playlist:

    iSquare- Hey Sexy Lady
    Let Me Shake About It- 50 Cent/ Ida Corr Mash Up
    Morning After Dark- Timbaland
    Dancing on my Own- Robyn
    Call Your Girlfriend- Robyn
    Pose- Daddy Yankee
    Money Grabber- Fitz and the Tantrums
    Tonight I'm Loving You- Enrique
    Work- Ciara & Missy Elliott
    Kevin Rudolph - Welcome to the World
    Mohombi- Bumpy Ride
    David Guetta & Rihanna- Who's That Chick

    And for cool-down/stretch:
    ANYTHING Sia (recommend Breathe Me or My Love)
    This Woman's Work- Kate Bush
    Wild Horses- The Sundays