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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Banded Blogger Alert & a "Before" photo

Please stop by and say hello to Athena Banded Warrior.  She is approximately 12 weeks post op and will be running in a 8k race next week! :) WOW! She is rocking that exercise.

I'll leave you with a "before" photo.  I was probably 260+ lbs in this photo...I can never forget.  I also like to remind myself that there are no "after" photos in this journey, as I am never done with my journey to improved health:


  1. You just keep amazing me!

  2. What a beautiful difference and an empowering example!

  3. It is so funny that you would post this picture today. I went to go see "Something Borrowed" and the whole time I was like- who does Gennifer Goodwin remind me of- and I realized that she looks like the Lap-Band gal of today!

  4. We wouldn't believe you were overweight before if you didn't have pictures to proof it! :)

  5. Heading over to her!