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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fat Girl is Being Replaced

Lately, family and friends have been asking for updated photos of me since I guess I don't look like I used to.  I think I look pretty much the same.  But I guess I am wrong.  I guess this explains why I have to reintroduce myself to friends who don't recognize me anymore.

People are whipping out their cell phones to take a new "contact" pic for me for their address/contact list.  Because, as they say, "this old photo just doesn't look like you."

People are asking if I want them to put away photos that they have of me when I was fat.  I always say "no, I like that photo of us" or something like that.

Are fat photos really that shameful for people?  Perhaps, I'm not with the majority on this topic of fat photos since I was always heavy most of my life.  I guess I could understand if someone was always thin and then became heavy.

I have no problems or issues with my fat photos.  I do not hide the fat photos.  That fat girl is me.  I'm just in disguise now.

I was watching "How Do I Look?" on the Style channel this weekend with my Mom.  A woman named Jessica went through their makeover process and she looked completely different. 

My Mom said that my appearance change since my weight loss is just as drastic.
Here's the before/after of Jessica:
What do you think?


  1. I think it is just as drastic! You look amazing and so much younger than before. I don't mind my old pictures, but in all honesty most of them are just of my face, because I was adimant about that!

  2. Your transformation is more striking. :)

  3. I will probably replace my fat pics as I take new ones. I won't ask people to get rid of the pictures they have of me because it's just documentation of one time in my life. Like you, I have always been over weight. I will replace pics of my own though with beloved friends and family as I have new ones. : ) I am certain I will be proud of the new me.

  4. I haven't always been overweight. I don't know if that's why, but I hate my really fat pictures. I have mentioned before about all my skinny family members, and I really hate to see pictures flanked by the skinny folks with me in the middle. Ugh!

    Your transformation is amazing by the way!

  5. Absolutely! Totally drastic.

    But I agree with you in that I'm not ashamed (anymore) of my fat photos. That was me and I want to keep those memories. I don't mind if others update them, but I also don't mind if they don't.

  6. Interesting post!

    I've always been heavy too...so I don't think I will ask people to get rid of the "fat pics"...but I'll be happy to flood them with new ones :)

  7. I def. don't like it when I see fat pics of myself, I cringe. However, I do understand where you are coming from, they are me. I don't like hunt old photos down to burn or anything but I don't post them on facebook or anything and if someone tags me in a photo I don't like I just untag myself so it doesn't show on my page, I don't ask them to take it off of theirs or anything crazy like that.


  8. I'm with Bandita... I didn't like my photos when I WAS fat (and cropped 'em within an inch of their lives..) and I don't like them any more now that I'm thin!

    I have gone through my FB photos and deleted or untagged any photo where I'm at my fattest. Part of that is because I didn't want anyone I was dating to find those photos, or for old friends who didn't know I'd ever been fat to see them.

  9. I tried to stay out of pics and didn't like it when they were taken but I also can't ignore my past and hide the good memories that are attached to the photos that I did allow. Great post.

  10. I with Catherine and Bandita-- I HATE fat photos of me... and I think you have struck upon why.
    I wasn't ALWAYS as overweight as I was from age, let's say 34 to age 39.
    I wasn't more than 170 pounds in my recollection until I got pregnant, and after that, kablooey! I never got down under 185 until the band. Boy did I struggle though.
    I guess that it is about acceptance, and I never accepted myself as that overweight, and I definitely felt ashamed.
    Good for you that you accept yourself now and then-- but I'd not say you are currently in a disguise. You have genuinely CHANGED, that's not a costume, that's a reality.

  11. Well, post some before and after photos of you! I don't know if the change is dramatic or not! probably!!!

    I'm starting to get panicky about my drivers license. I've had four people almost confiscate my license because I look like a radically different person in it. I just don't want to pay the umpteen zillion dollars for a new license.


  12. Drastic? No, not drastic to me. You have just changed - in a good way. The pictures that you posted of Jessica are so misleading to me. It is hard to tell that the before and after are the same people. At least with yours - I can tell that you are still you - just reduced! You have done an awesome job with your weight loss. I am new on this lapband journey and my pictures are still "fat" pictures. I hope a year from now I can post some that are very slimming and just as "drastic" as yours.

  13. Hmmm. On one hand I totally understand where the fat-hiders are coming from. On the other hand, those pictures are a part of where I've come from and - like my baby pictures or pictures of me with braces - it's still me even though I may not look exactly like that anymore. Also, I am proud of how far I've come.

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