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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help a Bandster Out

I just visited Jenny's blog over at Goodbye Muffintop and Other Jiggly Bits.

She going through a tough time with a port flip/twisted issue and made a VLOG all about it.  She's asking for advice...and even weighing the options of band removal and revision. Yikes.

Please go visit her blog and share some of that BOOBs support and love.

PS: When are you going to make your VLOG? I'm patiently waiting. :-)

PSS: Are you ready for Workout Wednesday? I know I am...it's time to sweat!


  1. I made a vlog yesterday. I wish I could talk to you about it. Maybe I'll email you. I'm sure you'd have some great advice for me. I feel like I'm out here alone flopping in the breeze with no help from my dr. His solution is to keep trying to fill fill fill b/c I'm hungry, but I'm hungry b/c I'm too tight and can't eat.
    I'm going to check out Jenny's vlog now.
    Tonight I'm going to JOG so I'll take a sweaty gross pic - just for you!

  2. I also have port problems. I'll be sure to visit her! Thanks for the linkup!

    I have only done two v-blogs. One was me holding a plank for 2 minutes. The other was my Reaching GOal Weight victory dance! ha ha, I look like a dork!


  3. Been thinking about doing a vlog, I'm skeered though.

  4. One of these days I will do a vlog. I keep thinking about it. But I usually blog first thing in the morning from work and I would need to vlog from home. We shall see.

    No work out today. I'm going to see the musical Billy Elliot. Woohoo!

  5. "and even weighing the options of band removal and revision"

    Hmmmmm. On one hand I would hate to see her give up but on the other hand that is *exactly* why I choose the band over other options, it CAN be removed.

    BTW did you know a cancer tumor can consume 2,500 calories a day? If you ever get cancer getting enough fuel in your body to have some left over for healing after the cancer takes its share is a big issue, you'll want that band out.

    My family has a long loosing battle with cancer. Killed my mom at 45

    Sad but funny, my family also has a long battle with obesity on my mothers side. When mom was terminal she often remarked how great it was that she could all the food she wanted and still loose weight. Dish of ice cream nothing, pass that quart and throw the lid away! You aint gonna need it again! :)

    Oh sorry, that comment got HUGE huh?