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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Non Scale Victory Alert!

I wore a skirt...to work. This may seem like no big deal to you, but for me it's HUGE.

I never wore skirts to work as a fatty because I always thought that no one at work wanted to see the pale fatness that were my legs.

The legs are no longer fat, but they sure are pale. Shows off my bruises from pole dance fitness nicely. *note sarcasm*

A comment from a male coworker this morning: "oh my god, you're wearing a dress!" Thank you captain obvious.

Hahahaha...silly boys don't know their skirts from their dresses...but close enough.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me the first time I wore a dress to work after losing some weight. My 20something employee said "nice dress boss." He was in shock. Now I prefer to wear dresses. I feel so pretty in them.

  2. Yea on your NSV...funny about the guy's comment. LOL! :)

  3. I'm constantly wearing skirts these days. I just feel so pretty and feminine in them. Congrats to you on your NSV!!!

  4. Yea for skirts!! I wear them all the time now, my legs will never be beautiful, but they're OK.
    Good for you!

  5. Funny you should post that! I did on Monday too, for the first time EVER in my working career. OMG!!! I even took a pic and it's posted on the blog. Now, only to get rid of the bruises and tan those legs (my goals as well!). WTG! Great job!!

  6. I LOVE dresses! I'm wearing one today. The awesome thing is that it is one I used to wear with leggings, but today...no leggings! I'm still self-concious of my thighs, but I'm willing myself to get over it. YAY for you and your NSV!

  7. I can't remember when I last wore a dress... Liked your local news item, so calm and confident. Good for you!

  8. YAY for you!! I hope one day I will actually want to wear a skirt or a Jess... right now I am a Pants girl all the way... even living in sunny south Florida.