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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Body Shots!

Get your mind out of the bar...I'm not talking about these kind of body shots:

I'm talking about these types of shots: BELLY SHOTS! Photos of my belly from 2 days post-op to today.

I've seen some talk recently on the blogs about fear of scars from the newbies who are just recently banded.  Well, I can tell you that my surgery scars are almost invisible now.  All FIVE scars completely faded.  I was diligent in applying the Bio-Oil twice a day for about three months post-op.  I also keep my belly out of the sun (don't want to blind any innocent bystanders at the pool).  I've heard that sun exposure causes scars not to fade..?  Not sure if there's any truth to that.

I didn't have any stitches on the outside, just that tape.  Beware when they rip that tape off at your post-op appointment....more fun than a Brazilian wax, ladies...good times.

Unfortunately, what does still show are the stretch marks....oh well.

 2 Days Post Op - October 2009

Hit Goal Weight - December 2010

6+ Months at Goal - (Today) June 2011

PS: I just realized that I am wearing the same PJ shirt in today's photo as the 2 days post op photo.  I still love my big girl PJs. It's huge on me and I sometimes feel like I am channeling my inner Jennifer Beals from 'Flashdance' with the way it falls of my shoulder now.


  1. As i am reading this I am thinking .... 5 TINY scars and some stretch marks vs being morbidly obese???? Hummmmm let me think for a mega second

    If lap band had been an option for me I would not have even wasted a nano second...

    True worries, or excuses?
    Maybe just fear???

  2. Thank you so much for the "hit goal" vs "6 months after goal" shots. I can see a difference that reassures me. Looks like you tightened up. Is that exercise and enough protein and water?

  3. Scars be damned! All I can see is the difference in your torso from goal and 6 months after goal. You are looking good...really good. I'm so happy for you.

  4. Your skin looks so good! I can definately see tightening from the Goal pic to the 6 mos at goal pic. Keep working it girl!

    Wish I'd known about bio oil. Is that sold at like GNC or something?

  5. I love the difference from when you achieved goal until now. THat really shows how much a difference a good exercise routine can make. It's not just about losing weight anymore!
    Great job! Love it.

  6. Look how much your body has changed even while maintaining your same weight. That's awesome! :) Can't even see your scars, either.

  7. Wow, I'm really impressed with the differences between the goal and 6 months post shots!

  8. Thanks for posting! It really does help to see what happens even after you make "goal" the body changes keep happening! Your looking great!

  9. I am kind of amazed by the difference from December to June. That's probably mostly attributable to exercise I'm thinking. Keep up the great work! :)

  10. Just now remembered that I have bio-oil and I never remember to use it! I guess it doesn't matter that I didn't on my gallbladder surgery scars since he's going to try and use the same incisions for the lap-band.

    But that is totally awesome on your goal vs. +6 months! Total motivation! And proof that you gotta work out!

  11. Wow, your stomach looks great! I couldn't see the scars at all! and even in the six months of maintaining, look at much you've done! great work!

  12. Hi! I have just spent the last 2 days reading through your ENTIRE blog! I love it and you are a true inspiration. My surgery is this Friday, July 1st. Say a little prayer for me!

  13. Your scars have healed amazingly! I certainly cannot see them.

    Im so slack with my scars. If I had seen these pic's a year ago, I would have been more diligent.

    For me, the only time anyone would see my scars is if I wore a bikini. I would never have worn a bikini at my pre-surgery weight, so I dont feel like I am missing out on anything if i choose not to wear a bikini because of my scars.