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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Long, long ago...way before surgery I made a decision that I was never going to be the "food police" to anyone else.

What people eat is their business, their choice, etc.  I don't care what goes in your mouth.  I have never said "you shouldn't eat that" or "are you really going to eat that?"  or any other version of that....I do this mainly because I know I hate it when anyone plays "food police" with me.

I try to set a good example in my food choices and portions, but that's all that I do.

What I don't understand, is now when I go out to eat with people, sometimes they insist on making excuses of why they are ordering a certain menu item.  Recent examples include, "I haven't eaten much today, I'm going to get the cheeseburger, terrible I know." or  "I am so bad, but I'm getting that pie for dessert."

People never used to do this when I was heavy.

I want to shake them and say "I DO NOT CARE.  Eat what you want."

OK, my rant is over.

But wait, now I'm wondering, when I weighed 250+ lbs, did I used to say things like that to justify my food choices?


  1. My guess is that yes--yes you did. I know I did and I know that I notice the behavior all the time. Overweight people feel guilty about eating...at parties, buffets etc. I have had people say to the room at large--Wow this is the first chance I have had to eat today or oh I am so bad but just one..etc.

    On the other hand watching people shove huge bites of food into their mouth without chewing really annoys me now. I never say anything but I know I probably used to do it.

    I liked this post :)


  2. My husband eats tiny, birdlike portions. I know I have "justified" my eating choices to him before, but since I read this, I'm going to try extra hard not to do it anymore! I am what I am, and I eat what I eat. The funny thing is -- like you, he couldn't care less what I eat (other than wanting me to be healthy and happy).

  3. I know I did make comments about my meals when dining out, more to cover up my own bad choices and shame of choosing something unhealthy....not that it covered anything! I haven't really noticed it now with anybody else doing it...but I know I will be on the lookout for it now that you have mentioned it...

  4. I would have to say that I, too, have tried to "justify" my choices when eating out. I don't think it is so much justifying them to your eating partner, but more to yourself. At least for me.

  5. Its great that you have achieved the weight loss and retained your sensitivity and sense of humor. You are right...no one has the right to judge or comment on a person's food choices (unless you have a minor child less than 12 who needs advisement-but only in a constructive way).

    Congrats on your weight loss achievement. That is great.

  6. I am quite positive I have made comments about my food choices in the past. I promised I would never be the person that said "are you sure you really want to eat that?" as well. I am curious to see what I am like after being banded and what my friends who know will be like.

  7. I know I've been guilty of making excuses. Too many times, actually.

  8. Me too ! I am guilty of making excuses because I don't want anyone else to say "should you be eating that" - that drives me up the wall !

    I don't think I ever policed anyone's choices because like you say - let them eat what they darn well please..... oh,oh... wait a minute I do sometimes police what my husband eats... but that's because I use to be jealous of what he was eating - poor me eating my plain grilled chicken and salad while he was enjoying a nice juicy steak :( with fried onion rings and french fries !!

  9. I know I have too. I know I become more aware of it every time I've dropped in weight.

  10. Oh yes I say ALL the time - but I kinda do it automatically - apparently it is to make me feel 'better' about eating crap but I secretly know the truth...

    I hate that I do it - here's hoping that it's a habit that I will soon be rid of!