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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap (A.K.A. Confession Time)

And so it began...

I flew down to my parents house on Thursday morning.  We cooked up a storm in the kitchen getting ready for the big turkey day meal.  If you scroll down a little, you will see pics from the amazing spread of tastiness.

As I have said before, my downfall is snacking between meals, not actually hungry, just eating because the food is available.  That is why I usually don't really snack and avoid having any snack foods in the house.

I ended up eating way too many candied pecans...WAY TOO many prior to the big meal.

At said big meal, I had:
  • one bite of turkey breast
  • two bites of stuffing
  • bread roll with lots of butter. YUM
Then, three hours later:
  • average sized slice of pecan pie with freshly whipped cream. YUM.
  • average sized slice of pumpkin pie with freshly whipped cream.  YUM.
The weekend progressed and included:
  • more of those bread rolls with butter, lots of butter
  • more slices of pecan pie with the whip cream
  • caramel sundae with nuts from McDonalds
  • Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
  • In-n-Out Burger: half of a Double-Double (incl. bun) and 6-7 french fries
  • 2 mini-slices of pizza
Oh yeah, did I mention no exercise...at all...!

I noticed that I was not drinking much water during the weekend (only a bottle a day) and by Sunday afternoon I was soooo thirsty and pretty much felt nauseous.  ICK.  Nice negative feedback :)

Today, I am back on the healthy lifestyle of lots of water and high protein eating.  Current calorie count so far for the day: 380.  Protein: 41 grams.  I feel better already.


  1. oh my! well, it was Thanksgiving! and for someone who is usually so disciplined, it's good to have a day or two where you are not so! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. It's only one day a year - nothing to worry about! You'll get back to where you need to be, in fact, it sounds like you're already there!!

  3. Hmm, that menu sounds familiar! Especially the too many candied pecans part. You are a total Rockstar you will be just fine!

  4. i can't remember who in blog world said it last week, but basically her point was she didn't get fat from over-doing it on thanksgiving, but rather from treating every other day like it was thanksgiving..... i think you'll be just fine. you're back on track and ready to take on the world again!

  5. I could have written this post, substituting carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies for the pies. Also feeling better now. Good job getting back on track!

  6. Yep, but I eat more at the big meal. And it wsa pumpkin cheese cake. You are so close, keep going.

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmm, In N Out. (It's like crack for me, thank God I live on the East Coast).

    Seriously, though, I have to second Island Bandit. That seems completely reasonable for the holidays, and look at you, you're already back on track!