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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fun with Fat Photo...

Random photo find from 2007...260+ lbs

PS: Can't wait to tell you about all the poor food choices that I have made in the last few days..definitely a gain is expected this week...sigh.


  1. Hi...I feel better knowing that Stars of the Band can falter too. I fell of the wagon in a bad way and my band cooperated! SCARY~!

    Tomorrow is another day. Thanks for sharing the pic. You have come such a long way and are a great virtual mentor.

  2. You will do better this week - we have fun then rein ourselves in. You will too xxx
    And look at you now - what a difference - as if we didn't know already. You are amazing, girlfriend xx

  3. Wow.. what a terrific difference!! You look absolutely amazing! You'll get back on track - I just know you will! I love zebras too - thank you for the photo!

  4. I bet your food choices weren't as bad as you think - :)

    Wow - what a difference between then and now - It must be really motivating to look back and see the amazing changes in yourself.

  5. I fell off the wagon for 2 days... but I only seemed to have gained 1.5 lbs...I guess what feels like a lot of food now really isn't *that* much....but all the high calorie food is out of the house now and I've been back on track for 2 days so I don't feel too bad.