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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Early Weigh-In This Week

Thank you all for your comments on previous post. 

Most of you mentioned that you can't eat pizza.  Perhaps I have never been filled enough or I might be a good chewer...but at 13 months post-op, I have never PB'd....never been stuck....don't hate me. 

I'm at 6.9 ccs in my 10 cc band.  I have to take things slow in the morning even drinking water/coffee, but I'm fine after about 11am if I eat slowly and chew, chew, chew.

I kinda wierdly wish that I could experience being stuck/PB just once so I can:
1) know what you all are talking about
2) have some negative reinforcement/feedback on eating bready/doughy foods.

I'm sure my day will come....just a matter of time.

Due to my holiday travel schedule an early weigh in will occur on Thursday morning, not the usual Friday morning.  My fingers are crossed for a loss...!

ZUMBA tonight! :)


  1. i hope you don't get what you wish for. being stuck and/or pb-ing SUCKS! and for me it's not just doughy things..... i just got stuck on almonds and pistachios. i definitely chew much more and eat slower than i ever did pre-band, but i think i need to take it up a notch coz this being stuck thing is no fun

  2. I hope I'm like you in that I never get stuck or PB. I can still eat pizza myself and sandwiches. I chew the heck out of them.

  3. I can't believe you've never been stuck or PB'd! That's crazy! You are very lucky.

    I sure have all over the place, BUT I can still eat pizza!

  4. My goal with this thing is to never get stuck or PB. It sounds awful! If you can lose the weight and keep it off without ever being that tight, that's ideal!

  5. Wow, lucky! I'm jealous! If you REALLY want to experience being stuck, just "forget" that you have a band and take a big person bite and only chew 2 or 3 times. (Then you'll probably wish that you never wished for that experience!) ;)

  6. Hope you have a great holiday...

    The PBing has been a blessing...it really forces me to chew chew chew and not taking food for granted in huge big bites. I think pre band I didn't really "taste" food that well.

  7. I am trying, but I think I do hate you :p (joke) I sometimes wish I have never had a stuck/PB session (generally only when I am having them) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. I think I hate you too, you skinny un pb'ing b*tch!! (Just kidding.)
    I think it is truly great that you've managed to keep away from side effects and do so phenomenally with the band... you're my hero.

    The moral of the story of your post is: chew, chew, chew. I still need to get that down myself... thx!!

  9. I can relate. I've never PB'ed, never really gotten stuck (I've been uncomfortable for a few minutes after eating a couple of bites too much, but never really stuck), never vomited. I'm grateful, but I have thought the same thing about almost wanting to see what it's like. I've secretly thought that maybe I can't "feel" the band properly and I AM getting stuck and just don't know it. Although I have to say - seeing how well you've done without PB'ing, I feel like I'm in good company.