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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Do YOU Eat?

OK, now it's your turn! 
I challenge you to post a list of what you usually eat so we can all gets some good ideas and freshen up our food/meal ideas. I know I could use some new ideas.

Post your list on your blog.  I can't wait to see your lists! :)


  1. Greek Yogurt (tons) string cheese (tons) salads with chicken boiled egg cheese and cranberries, turkey meatloaf, cottage cheese (often with my meatloaf), tuna (low sodium), stuffed peppers made with ground turkey, ground turkey tacos, chili, boca burgers... pretty boring... I could use some help too. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Breakfast: 1 egg white/1 egg scrambled, turkey bacon

    Lunch: Turkey Bacon or Tuna on Nature's Own Sandwich Flat or Turkey Dog with homemade turkey chili. 1 serv. FF Lays Chips

    Dinner: Something turkey, seafood or chicken with a vegi.

    Nothing fancy but it's working for me great. Jennie-O has fabulous turkey options and their website has awesome recipes. Thanks for this challenge. I can't wait to check back and get ideas.

  3. Let's see. I eat stuff from both the kind of mushy and the I'd-better-be-careful ends of the spectrum. Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, light string cheese, fat-free refried beans, split pea soup, red beans and turkey sausage (sans rice), other assorted bean dishes, and tofu scrambles. From the side that I have to take slowly, roast chicken, pork loin, egg white omelettes with fat-free shredded cheese and leftover veggies, hamburger or turkey patties, all kinds of fish. And then I do in-between stuff too. Leftover roast chicken gets used in stir fry, curries, chicken cakes, chicken salad, and other dishes. I serve meals with a variety of whole grains for the family, but usually only have a bite or two myself. I recharge after workouts often with a handful of almonds, one at a time, chewed very thoroughly.

    I don't think I have as much restriction as a lot of bandsters do, so I'm not terribly limited on what I can eat most of the time, as long as I take my time and chew. :)

  4. Will Post this to my blog tonight! wHAT A great idea! Love food ideas