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Friday, July 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh-in...and the results are...

a GAIN of half a pound...

Totally expected with my lack of excercise (only one Zumba class this week) and all the vacation eating...

This is my second gain in about 9 months...so I'm not stressin' about it.

Here's my weekly weigh-ins chart. Gains are in red....

I'm going to get back to basics again this week and increase my exercise.
Happy Friday!


  1. Holy guacamole! Look at that! You only have 25 pounds to go! You're almost there!!! How exciting! (BTW I love the spreadsheet. I love charts.)

  2. Man you've had some great losses, very impressive!

  3. Your losses constantly amaze me, and now looking at this chart, I see that you generally only lose 1-3 each week, which seems TOTALLY doable!! I sometimes feel like I need to lose 5 pounds a week to be up there with successful bandsters, but really I don't. Thanks for posting this chart, man I wish I was doing a chart now...

  4. Love the chart! You have done so well. I'm glad you aren't stressing the tiny gain. I know next week will be better! This is real life with vacation eating, occassional work-out stalls and other bumps in the road. The important thing is that it doesn't become an excuse to give up and eat everything that doesn't eat you first. Hard to imagine that happening any more, isn't it?

  5. I love the chart too! How did you do that?

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