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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fill today!

I went for another fill today.  Last fill was on May 15 and I got .5ccs then.

So today I got .4ccs for a grand total of 4.7ccs in my 10 cc band.

It usually takes a week for my fills to "kick in" so we will have to see how things go.

I'm still trying to figure out making my BOOBS trip work out financially and logistically...hopefully I can make it.  I'm still looking for a roommate!  I don't snore (anymore)....  interested?


  1. I hope this fill brings you closer to your sweet spot! Good luck on making the Boobs trip. I know there were still people looking for roommates, so you should hear from someone soon with info. :) It should be a FUN trip!!!

  2. Holy crap - that's a new pic right? Your face looks so skinny!! I hope you can make it to BOOBS. Contact Steph - she would know who needs roommates.

  3. Hey I don't snore any more either - isn't that a kick for us?
    I SOOOO wish I was going to BOOBS.. I would be your room-mate in a flash. Bummer. Hope you find someone soon AND hope that fill kicks in nicely for you. xx

  4. Hope BOOBS works out for you! It would be so cool to meet everyone! Even though I'm so new to the community, I already feel a lot of love and support.

  5. Your meetup sounds really fun! I hope you have a blast!

  6. Let me know if you didn't get the email I sent you with the names of people looking for roommates: sjoy1972@gmail.com

  7. 4.7 cc, wow it is strange how every one is so different will fills. I got one yesterday too, 1.cc to bring me at 8cc in a 11 cc band. I am thinking this one is it.
    You have to go to BOOBS for all of us. We could do fund raiser ( sale our big cloths) to help you out with $$.