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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Exercise Accountability

I need to step up the exercise....one Zumba class a week is not cutting it.

Here's the plan this week:

I signed up for water aerobics for the next two weeks through my local parks and rec program.  It's Monday, Wednesday, Friday after work.

Monday: Water Aerobics
Tuesday: Zumba
Wednesday: Water Aerobics
Thursday: Zumba
Friday: Water Aerobics

I know I can do it...no excuses!  Water here I come!


  1. Good luck with your exercise plan. I went back to the gym today for the first time in forever - here's to both of us keeping to our exercise plans!

  2. Good luck to you on your exercise plan! Hubby and I have just started back at the gym to get our exercise.

  3. You can do it!! I'm trying to devise a plan myself so that when it comes time I can just hop on board.

  4. Water aerobics sounds like so much fun!! Especially this time of year! Maybe I'll look into it too...

  5. Good plan, see you on the 28th.
    I love the new pic.