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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Internet service is BACK and a major fall off the wagon...

I fixed my internet service and was able to cancel the saturday appt with the internet service cable fix it guy....sweet!  I will be reading up on everyone's blogs soon!

On the other hand, I fell off the band wagon after work today...pita chips with yummy cheesy dip and chocolate cheesecake...after eating way smaller servings than I would have 9 months ago, I promptly threw all remaining leftovers in the trash and covered it in dish soap for good measure. No more temptation in the house!  Not the healthiest dinner...  and I flaked on Zumba class too....sigh...

Tomorrow is weigh in day...it's not gonna be good...


  1. Oh gosh, do I know about towel racks. I had a talking scale (what was I thinking) when I met my husband. I used to hold on the towel rack when I weighed myself so he would think I weighed 115 instead of 130. (he could hear the scale from the other room). Even at 130 I had weight issues.

    Had to laugh that you even put dish soap on the food you threw away. I think you should get a 3 pound loss handicap just for the that move! That was brave! Happy holiday weekend!

  2. Today was a day full of indiscretions for me too. Tomorrow is another day.

  3. I had a "bad" food day too! Ugh! Tomorrow we all will be be back on track and moving forward! YAY!

  4. So easy to do - this over eating business. Just pick yourself up, and tomorrow is another day. I just know you'll do better.

  5. Hey, you ate much less and threw away the leftovers. Sounds like a win to me.

  6. We ALL have those moments. I'm sure you'll recover beautifully!