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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Headed the wrong WEIGH

Tomorrow's weigh in is not going to be good...

Here are the reasons (not excuses) why tomorrow's weigh in will most likely be a GAIN:
  • It's the TOM and I'm craving all kinds of salty/sweet stuff....and therefore eating all kinds of salty/sweet stuff....
  • I've been snacking...a lot....
  • 2 vanilla bean frappaccinos
  • Only exercised twice this week...
  • Someone left out a huge 30 pound box of bulk praline pecans in the break room...I've been enjoying those ALL week.
Here's what I'm gonna do to have a successful week and lose those LBee's next week:
  • Zumba class x 3
  • No snacking!
  • Log my food choices...which will be GOOD food choices.
PS: check out Drew Carey who has lost 70lbs!  Way to go Drew!


  1. wow-i just scrolled down to the bottom of my following page and it said you had not updated your webpage in 9 months...and then here we are with an update today...How weird is that!

    I'm sorry I haven't checked in before now.


  2. I likes your plan! Gird your loins for the weigh-in, and then mooooove on.

  3. 30lb's of pecan pralines! Now I want pecan pralines!

  4. Your goal is to not snack at all? How could you survive! (I'm a chronic snacker so I find this mind-boggling!) Can you just pre-pack some healthy snacks (like bell peppers and carrots with hummus or something) instead of swearing off snacks entirely?

    Happy Friday! I hope you're doing well!

  5. some weeks are better than others! You are rocking the band!!