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Saturday, July 3, 2010

No longer a Spray Tan virgin!

In case you weren't aware...I am one of the fairest skinned people I know...classic red-head fair skin....I don't and can't tan..EVER.  If I do accidentally get too much sun, I just get red and burn.  My usual daily skin-care routine includes 70+ SPF sunblock head-to-toe.  If I want to be tan, spray/self tanning is my only option.  I am so jealous of those of you who can tan naturally.

So, in honor of my vegas trip coming up, off I went today to get a spray tan at the spa.

There is NO way I would have done this 89+ lbs ago...talk about leaving your modesty at the door.  Why do they even bother with that paper thong...it doesn't cover ANYTHING.  and nothin' on top of course.  Just me and the esthetician....   She was really nice and chatty and I could tell that she does these spray tan applications all the time.

Was I self-conscious about my stretch marks?  YES.

Was I worried about all my 'wobbly jiggly bits'?  TOTALLY.

But I did it and am loving how the color is developing...let's hope I don't turn as orange as an Oompa Loompa!


  1. I have a business conference coming up and was hoping to get a spray tan beforehand. One of my daughter's cheerleading coaches works at LA TAN and they offer a $10 spray on tans on Mondays. Hers looks great, so I thought I would give it a try in a week or two. Paper thong? Alrighty then. You need to post a pic of your tan. :)

  2. Let us know how it turns out! I've always been curious about spray tans (my legs never tan-no matter what!).

  3. I have done them a few times...cuz I don't like the heat that is associated with tanning in a bed or in the sun...blah.

    The color is good...it works the same way as leaving an apple exposed to air...it only gets as dark as your darkest possible pigment would be...so it doesnt look fake and un-natural...

    I have done both with and without the bronzer, and I prefer to not have the bronzer applied because it gets everywhere and I get patches on my elbows and knees where the bronzer doesnt leave...

    Post pix! Let us know how this goes!!

  4. I love the spray tan... I call it liquid courage! or courage in a can! I feel a lot more confident wearing skirts and sleevless tops with a spray tan!

    It totally makes you look 10lb lighter... I cant wait for summer in Oz this year... I plan to be spray tanning it up!


    K xxx

  5. Very cool!
    It just boosts your self confidence! Stand tall baby!

  6. hi there

    thanks for the kind note left on my blog. just got done reading yours from the beginnng and i love that you approach the eating after band in the same way i intend to. hopefully i can have even somewhat similar results.... yours have been spectacular!
    saw your pic a few posts back from your bahamas trip - which beach/island was that taken? i live in nassau and if mother nature cooperates will be going to the beach this afternoon for a 4th of july party

  7. Gotta show a picture! It's something I'd like to try, but probably won't have enough guts until I lose some weight.

  8. Ahhh - oompa loompas! HA! Never spray tanned but I think people lovei t. YOu'll have to take pics of how it turns out.

  9. Sounds fun! Hoping it turns out good... I had a spray tan, once from a booth... bbaaadddd idea. Hopefully an actual technician will be perfect. Have fun in Vegas!

  10. Have a blast in Vegas. Oh, and spray tans have come a looooonng way... you'll look amazing. Everything looks better with a tan... ;)

  11. I agree with band-babe, Everything looks better with a tan!

  12. ahhh a tan. The object of my desires :)

    I too am a redhead. Never have been tan, and believe me I tried when I was a kid. Used to slather on baby oil and iodine. Wish I could remember what the iodine was for lol. Anyway hope it turned out a great color. That's going on my list of celebration NSV prizes!