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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Not much going on except...Zumba tonight!

I "friended" my Zumba intstructor on Facebook. She had her bday on her profile....and not only is she older than me, but she can do all the Zumba moves perfectly (umm...I guess that's why she's the instructor). I seriously thought she was 19 years old. So much for my excuse of "she's younger, that's why she can move like that." Sigh...

This last fill was perfection for about 6 days...and now I can't wait to get my fill on May 6. Just 9 days away.

My Splenda bubble has burst...I thought that Splenda had zero calories, so I've been cooking/baking with it. It turns out that 1 Cup of Splenda has almost 90 calories. In comparison, 1 Cup of Sugar has 800+ calories. I just need to count those 90 calories.
That's all for now...


  1. UGH, I also thought splenda was calorie free!

  2. I thought it was calorie free too...hey but better than sugar. Enjoy Zumba

  3. Zumba is so much fun!

  4. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR - I did not know that about Splenda. Ack. Can I pretend you didn't write it and I didn't read it?