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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm not a Sumo wrestler...

My Weight Watchers magazine came in the mail the other day (yay!). I always enjoy reading the articles, tips, and ideas. After all, I've always considered the lap band lifestyle "Weigh Watchers with a little help".

Whether or not you agree with that statement, I found a juicy little nugget of info in this months magazine about night eating (which is something I struggle with).

Here's the excerpt from page 29:

"Japanese Sumo wrestlers maintain their bulk with late-night eating sessions. Got that image in your head? Enough said"

Next time I find myself wandering into the kitchen for some after dinner snacking, I am going to think about that...


  1. This cracks me up - the picture - thanks for the smile.

  2. I too struggle with late-night eating. That is a great idea to help those who struggle with this "demon." Thanks for sharing!

  3. I should print this and post it on my fridge. I was always a late night grazer, so this really does give me something to think about!

  4. I'm going to put your picture of the wrestler on my frig. If that won't stop me, nothing will.

  5. I have been thinking about that ever since I read the mag in my GP's office! Thanks for putting the thought with a pic-LOL!

  6. Oh nooooo. Why did I have to read this AFTER eating Taco Bell and taking an Ambien? Now I need to go for a run. This can't possibly end well. In my defense, I had dinner (shrimp and veggie stir fry, no oil, with about 1/4 cup of brown rice) SEVEN hours ago, went to a concert in Miami, and I was starving. Good enough excuse? What's that you say - why didn't I just have some chicken or something? Ummm. Dunno. Damn. Busted.

  7. I actually look like him, we even have the same anti-embolism stockings!

  8. i always love seeing a guy with bigger boobs than me :-)

  9. Oh god..great I am going to become a sumo wrestler. If I could go to bed at 7pm every night I would weigh 115 pounds :-)


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