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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fill appt moved up - YAY! (and a few NSVs)

Good news, my fill appt has been moved from the 29th to this thursday the 15th. Yay! I really need this fill. I actually ate bread today (I haven't eaten bread since before the pre-op diet 6+ months ago). I tried one of those egg white/cheese english muffin sandwiches from Subway. They're pretty good and low cal - high protein.

On to the recent NSVs:
1> I bought a size Large shirt at Kohls. Woot! I think the last time I wore a size large was 6th grade.
2> My primary care doctor reduced my blood pressure in half again. This is the last time it will be reduced, the next step will be to go off of them completely!
3> I painted my toesies last night, yes, I can actually reach them now! LOL
4> An average bath towel now wraps all the way around me. Even those skimpy towels at hotels.

Off to Zumba tonight!


  1. Whoo hoo!! Great NSV's! I loved the moment a "normal" sized towel fit around me. YEAH!!

  2. super congrats. and yay for the early fill. those tootsie's look great! It is great to treat your self

  3. ooh ohh...i had that towel NSV! OK it was with a bath sheet but still...around is around! LOVE your NSV's! Awesome!

  4. Awesome NSV's I am like Gilly, I had the towel NSV just this morning...just realized that a regular bath towel wrapped right around me and tucked in...Holy Cow it is so awesome when that happens!! Congrats!

  5. I luv the towel NSV! I am glad to hear Reeger could fit you in sooner.

  6. great NSV and I also loved the fact when the gym towel ( size: who the hell can wrap themselves in this ) actually covered most of my body!!

  7. Great NSV's! You are doing so awesome!

  8. Awesome NSV's! WOOT!
    Hey, I have a fill with Reeger tomorrow too! Maybe I will run into you there....not sure if I will recognize you skinny :) I have to look up my time...I think it is 10AM ish

  9. Love your NSV'S! Great job :)

  10. Congratulations of your success. It's very encouraging to me, as I am currently awaiting a surgery date. Reading blogs such as yours, help the whole process seem less scary. Thank you!


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