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Surgery Date: October 20, 2009:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A shout-out to the Newbies!

I'm back from my surgeons lap banders support group. The group was primarily made up of newbies scheduled for surgery or those thinking about getting the band.

Hearing the newbie's comments about why they're getting the surgery reminded me why I decided to get the surgery and pursue better health for me. It was good to have this reminder! Sometimes when I am being tempted by free samples of chocolate truffles at work or resisting Starbucks Vanilla Frappiccinos, it's good to think about the big picture of why I chose the band.

I gave the newbies my blog address so they may possibly stop in by to comment or visit any of our bandster blogs. This is such a key time for learning all we can tell them about the band.

On a completely separate topic, does anyone else have difficulties with popcorn? I had a few bites of microwave popcorn today and it seemed to irritate my esophagus.....any thoughts?


  1. I don't have problems with popcorn - just the husk that sticks in my teeth and throat lol but that used to happen in the old days anyway.

    Sounds like youre going to be a great source of inspiration to all the newbies!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out LapBandGal. I was the lone male newbie in the group tonight (Phil). Thanks for sharing your experience, thoughts and suggestions. It's helpful to learn from others' experiences.

  3. What a great reminder....and you are a great role model too. No trouble with popcorn although I don't eat it that often

  4. I don't have issues with popcorn, I found this out by eating an entire bag last weekend...ugg. No more popcorn in the house for me!

  5. Its nice to be reminded of why we're on this journey.

    I don't have issues with popcorn, maybe it was too dry? I haven't tried it since my fill so I could be wrong about not having issues with it-lol

  6. i've had popcorn a few times, but only the "pop" part LOL i just bit the bubble off and discarded the rest :-)

  7. Hey Phil! Glad you found the blog, check out the other bloggers (listed on the right side).

  8. Hi its Chris one of the newbie I love your blog, I can tell this going to be great help to me. Thanks for sharing. 13 days to surgery!

  9. Hi Chris! Thanks for visiting my blog, feel free to email me with any pre-op / post-op questions :)