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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Has Sprung...

First of all...do you like my new layout of spring green colors?

On to the band...with only 2.8ccs in my 10cc band, it is definitely ALL up to me right now...NO RESTRICTION (to be expected)

I am now hungry usually 2 hours after eating (instead of 4 hours). Thoughts that are popping into my head now are "OOH! I bet I could eat bread now" or "I could probably eat Panda Express now" Luckily I am not indulging these thoughts...

My fill is scheduled for April 19th. The Claritin is working well on my allergies, so I am glad to have the next 3 weeks with no restriction to let everything calm down.

I just started reading a new book "Change Your Brain, Change your Body" by Daniel Amen. You may have seen his program on PBS. I have always thought that weightloss is a 75%+ mental thing....food addictions, emotional eating, etc. I will let you know how the book is...

That's all for now...Have a great weekend!


  1. I have heard of this book and wondered how it was. Let us know what you think as you get into it.

    I had my unfill too and am thinking about food and what I can and can not probably eat too. I'm feeling a little frustrated about it, but doing well overall.

    LOVE the new layout colors!

  2. Love the new lay out!!!! I am a massive green fan though so of course I love it !! mmm panda express orange chicken bad bad bad. Hang in there with the lack of restriction you can do it! xxx

  3. love it! stay strong!

  4. If anyone can do it without restriction I know you can!! I hope to see you in Aprils group :0

    I will email you an update after I meet Reeger!

  5. I love your book posts...thanks. Please let us know how it is. The 19th is my birthday so you are guarenteed great results and I lov the new blog

  6. I love the new colors too!! The book sounds great, let us know how it is.

    Happy Easter!!

  7. Let me know how that book is, I was wanting to get something to help me out as well. HUGS

  8. love the layout! and i'm in the same boat as you fill wise...i got my 1st one on friday...2cc's bleh.... we shall overcome! :-)