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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Many Things to Catch Up On!

Hello Everyone!

Settle in and get comfy, this is going to be a long post...

I'm back from a long weekend away in Monterey, CA. It was great to have some time off and to catch up with family and friends. Some of these folks hadn't seen me since pre-op, so it was nice to hear the compliments on my weight loss. Even if the comments were a bit wierd....like "You're so pretty now, uh, not like you weren't pretty before" Whatever.

I did some awesome bargain outlet shopping at the Stick Insect Store (AKA Ann Taylor), seriously, look at their models on their website, they need to eat something. Anyways, I am now into size Larges in shirts and 14 petites in pants. I am really enjoying the fact that I have a good selection of clothes to choose from and not having to settle on whatever Lane Bryant is offering that season.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Jen at a SOUTHERN GIRL'S JOURNEY for the cute tops/shirts. They are perfect for the warm weather we will be having. I will be sure to pass them along to the sisterhood when I shrink out of them.

I am officially back at my sweet spot at 3.8ccs in my 10cc band. It's nice to be back here...I lost it for awhile due to seasonal allergies starting in early March. Let's hope this sweet spot sticks around.

I just read on a blog that there's a get-together for the bandsters called BOOBS in Chicago. Sounds like sooooooo much fun, I just need to make sure I can get the time off from work and start saving some $$. It would be so fun to meet everyone in person. I will try to make it.

Here are a few weekend NSVs:

1> At my parents place this weekend...they have a HUGE, steep, and long hill at the entrance of their subdivision. Growing up I can remember how I would avoid having to walk up it as I would have to stop a lot to rest and catch my breath. Well, this weekend I walked up it, TWICE, with out stopping.

2> I no longer need to take my Simply Sleep pill at night to help me sleep. I was a terrible sleeper when I was heavier so I always took a pill before bed. Well, my NP mentioned at my last appt that I try to go off of it. Sat night was the first night without it and haven't needed it since.

I will try to carve out some time to comment on your blogs, things are just crazy/buzy right now. Just know that I do read each and every one of your blogs, I just run out of time to comment.

Here's a beach pic from this weekend, See ya!


  1. Oh I love that yellow on you. What a beautiful summery colour! Great NSV's too!!!

  2. Ann Taylor score!! Great NSV's. I am still up in the air about Chicago.

  3. You are looking so great. Hope you can make it to Chicago. It's going to be a blast.

  4. Those are great NSVs! Kudos!!

    I hope to see you in Chicago! :)

  5. Lucky you, having family in Monterey. You look great, healthy and happy and glowing!

  6. You look awesome!!! So glad the clothes got there and that you can use them!

  7. looking good skinny girl! :-)

  8. You look GREAT! That yellow looks so pretty on you!

  9. Love this shirt! You can totally see the progress your making!

  10. You look amazing! The background looks breathtaking!