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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What To Wear?

It the not so distant past, dressing up for parties and events was a HUGE chore for me.

It was not fun.

At all.


Because I usually didn't have anything that fit me at a size 22W/24W. 

All of my dresses hanging in my closet were usually too small.

If I had a party or professional event to go to, I would have to make a trip to Lane  Giant   Bryant because that's the only store that had decent clothes to fit my plus size body.

Now, let's fast forward to this past weekend.

We went to a wedding celebration.

And guess what?

I was overwhelmed with the dress choices that I had hanging in my closet.

I just couldn't decide what to wear to the party because all of the dresses I have are so cute!

Should I choose the blue flirty twirly dress?

Perhaps the red shift dress with a fab black belt?

What about the black and white dress with that amazing full skirt?

So many choices!

I ended up choosing this black and white dress in size 6 petite:
The Boyfriend and I
More pics from the fun-filled day at the wedding celebration!
The brides and each of their brothers.
Their shirts say "My sister got gay married and all I got was this unicorn t-shirt"
Ha ha. Too funny!
Catching up with old friends!
The happy couple! Congrats ladies!


  1. I LOVE the polka dots!!!! So fun!

  2. Looks like a good time was had!

  3. Love your dress!! Also love the couples outfits!!

  4. Looks like an awesome wedding! You look fabulous!

  5. hahaha, LOVE the brothers t-shirts!!! Also I totally feel you on the what to wear thing... it's almost overwhelming the selection you have when you are thin. When you're big? Not.so.much. "this one little section for you fatty! OH and btw...they are all grandma clothes...have fun!"