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Thursday, September 5, 2013

What Does My Lap-Band Do For Me?

I'm keepin' it real people.

There is no sugar-coating today.

What my Lap-Band DOES NOT DO for me:
  • My Lap-Band does not tell me to drink over 100+ ounces of water each day. It doesn't carry around the water bottle for me. It doesn't remind me to refill it at least four times a day. That's my job.
  • My Lap-Band does not make me workout, exercise, sweat, and lift weights each and every day.  It doesn't make me change into my workout clothes and it especially doesn't remind me to make time to exercise. That's my job.
  • My Lap-Band does not keep a running tally in my head of calories and proteins eaten during the day to make sure I don't go over my approximate 1300-1400 calories daily limit. It doesn't announce "OK, that's it. You've hit your calorie limit today." That's my job.
  • My Lap-Band does not magically send me a telepathic signal to my brain that says, "You should go eat your vitamins, girlfriend." Nope. That's my job.
Here's what my Lap-Band DOES DO for me:
  • My Lap-Band keeps me not hungry and not thinking about food for about 5-6 hours after a high protein meal. It's like someone has turned off the "hungry" switch in my brain.  What a relief that is.
  • My Lap-Band slows my eating. Example: I sat down in front of a huge plate of chicken Alfredo pasta, Texas toast, Crispy Chicken strips, Bacon Cheese Fries, and another plate of french fries the other night at a restaurant. But what did I actually EAT? I ate the following in approximately 30 minutes: 1 chicken strip, about 8-10 fries, and three bites of pasta/chicken.  That's it.  I would have eaten WAY more than that before I got my Lap-Band.
Do I love my Lap-Band?


Would I spend my hard-earned cash ($16,500) again for a Lap-Band and do it all over again?

You betcha.


  1. I hear ya lady!! I was just talking to someone yesterday that struggles with weight about my band. I basically told her that I exercise every day, take daily multi vitamin, drink water like it's my job. All the things you mentioned above. : )