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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Long Lost Blog Post - My Maintenance Ring

I've written over 953 blog posts in four years. 

Only one post has been deleted. 

Deleted on purpose.

On that deleted post, I showed you my my ring that I designed for achieving one year of maintaining my goal weight.

Then I deleted that post a week later.

I regret that decision.

I've received a few emails and Facebook messages from some of you recently asking, "what ever happened to that ring?"

So here we are with a story to re-tell you.

Let's flashback to December 2011.

I had just achieved my one year goaliversary.

One year at my goal weight of 145 lbs.  

For me, my plan for my Lap-Band was not about losing the weight, but really all about maintaining that 115+ lbs weight loss.

And I knew that I deserved a reward for that accomplishment and at the same time needed a daily reminder of maintaining my weight.

So I asked a local jeweler to design me a ring.  

My only two requirements that I asked the jeweler?

A ring that I couldn't break if I accidentally hit it against something.

And a ring that was symmetrical.

I know. Doesn't my practicality scare you sometimes?

The jeweler drew these images to give me an idea of what he had in mind.

Then I chose a gemstone (a gift - a ruby, thanks Mom and Dad!) It's the in the bottom right of the box:

Then the jeweler made the ring in wax and put the ruby in it:

And the final creation:
White gold, ruby, diamonds

If you look closely in most of the photos of me on this blog and on the Facebook page, you will see that I have been wearing that ring ever since my one year goaliversary back in December 2011.

The ring is always there to remind me of my accomplishment of losing 115+ lbs.

The ring is always there to remind me of what I need to keep doing: maintaining my weight.
Being silly with my sister at Disney World
Christmas 2011

Having a laugh with friends!

 Singin' Karaoke!
Eatin' ice cream - Spring 2012 - Austin, TX
Summer 2013 - Lunch break
I have now maintained my weight for two years and eight months. 

I wonder what my ring and I will be up to next?


  1. Love that ring! Rubys are my favorite!

  2. I think it is an amazing thing to give yourself a reward/reminder of how far you have come. I think a visual reminder is great to help a person stay focused. Thanks for sharing. I love rubies. They are my birthstone.

  3. That's a great gift idea for reaching goal. Love it!

  4. Yay! I wondered if you ever got the ring! Such a good idea to reward yourself for accomplishing such an amazing goal! Keep on maintaining! And by the way, it is SOOO pretty!

  5. I remember the post, and I remember wondering what happened with the ring. Out of curiosity, why did you feel like you needed to delete the post to begin with? I think a great accomplishment deserves a nice memento!

  6. I remember that post too (but didn't realize it was deleted...) I love this whole idea of a "reminder" and a ring is an awesome reminder. It's beautiful...great idea!

  7. I absolutely love that ring. The design, the colors, everything!
    Congrats to you. You earned that ring, and I'm glad to see you wear it all the time.
    Now I want one with a sapphire...just sayin'!

  8. Thanks for sharing with us! I love that ring too, it's gorgeous!

  9. I think this is awesome! It was a reward with a purpose. This has give me an idea for when I meet my goal.