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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Does That Dress Come With A Pole?

Did you know that mirrors are big, damn liars?

They lie to me.

Mirrors show me a body shape and figure that I do not see when I take photos.

While we are on the topic of liars, did you know that my brain also lies to me all the damn time on what my body shape really looks like?

Speaking of dams, here's a dam picture of yours truly at 166 lbs:
July 2010
This is how I picture myself and my body image currently in my head.

About 166 lbs-ish. 

Size 12 shorts.

This is also how I see my shape when I look in the mirror.

Kinda a no-waist kinda figure.

That shape is awesome.

And healthy.

I remember that blue shirt.  It was a size Large.

I was no longer shopping in the plus size section of the store! Sweet.

I am waiting on my brain to catch up to what I look like now. Size 6. 140-ish lbs.

And what about those mirrors too?

They need to catch up to what I look like now.

But let me tell ya....

How do I know what my shape really looks like now?


Photos tell a completely different story.

Here is a photo from this past weekend in San Francisco.

Girls Night Out!

What have I learned?

I learned to take buckets of photos as I was losing weight.

And I take lots of photos at my "now" weight.

This has helped me to realize what my figure currently looks like.

It helps me to not believe what I see when I look in the mirror.

Take photos.

Take photos.

Take photos.

Did you hear me?




  1. Replies
    1. Awwww. Thanks. Maybe bring the dress on the cruise?

  2. Oh em gee!!! Awesome post...not just the ow ow ow pictures but the message! Preach it girl!

  3. Love the pictures! I also love photos, I always have, even at my heaviest. I like the memories of how you got to where you are. My blog readers must think I'm quite vain... lol.

  4. OMG! You look amazing in that dress in SanFran! A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!! Run out and get yourself a pole.....that dress demands one!!
    Haha....my family gets a little tired of taking my picture upon my command! Thanks for reminding me why I do this! I agree...take pictures because the girl you see in your head is not always the girl you are! It takes time to catch up....lots of time!
    BTW....you look great in the other pix too....just not as pole-worthy as you do now!

  5. This is so true! Every time I post any pictures on FB I get tons of comments on how great I look, and I'm always wondering what the heck people are talking about, I look the same as I always do!? Why don't we see the changes in ourselves? I also tend to try on clothes that are too big for me. When the heck does the brain catch up?!

  6. You look fantastic in that dress!

  7. Day-um!!!
    Looking terrific.
    PS: How Funny! I've just started taking a picture a day of myself... all leading up to a big fitness/ nutrition push that I'm going to engage in starting 10/14. (But I've already begun making adjustments!) My bottom line has been to try to accept myself where I am AND know that I plan to change. A hard bargain.

  8. Hot DAMN, girl. Just....hot damn!

  9. You're definitely a huge inspiration and look fantastic! I am getting banded TOMORROW (9/27)!!!! So nervous, so excited, so many emotions. I've read every single blog you've posted. Every single one since I found your blog Labor Day weekend. Wish me luck!