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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Loose Skin & Vegemite Sandwich-Eating Koala Bears

This is a two-for-one post today.

Lucky you.

And you didn't even need a coupon for this deal.

I posted this pic on Facebook the other night.

I still struggle with being comfortable with my loose skin.

Especially the belly skin.


Don't get me wrong though.

I love that I have lost weight.

I love that I am strong and have muscles.

I love that I have improved my health ten fold.

Go me.

I know.

But have been thinking about so many recent rockstar examples of ladies of all sizes in my life who have rocked their rolls, belly skin, tight tummies and not so tight tummies at the beach and pool this summer. They are confident! Awesome-sauce.

No matter the size, shape, wobbly bit, I've seen these ladies rockin' their bikinis, tanks, and swimsuits.  They look GREAT!

And all the while when I see these lovely ladies, I am silently thinking in my head "I wish that I could be that comfortable with my jiggly bits. Sigh."

Welcome to Crazytown. Population: 1.

Maybe because I always covered up my jiggle-jaggle belly bits for so long (about 20+ years), that it's a little bit awkward to now show the belly?

So I have officially started "Operation: Let It All Hang Out" 

What does this stealth not-so-military operation involve?

 All kinds of tricks so that I get more comfortable with my extra skin and wobbly bits:
  • Posting random pics of the loose skin on Facebook or here on the blog.
  • I've also been wearing the bikini occasionally around the house.  
  • Whether I'm sitting on the couch with Pemberley watching TV or cleaning the house, it's bare-that-belly time lately.  
  • You should have seen me vacuum in my bikini on Monday night.
 Stay tuned on how "Operation Let It All Hang Out" goes.

Do you live in the land of koala bears? 

Do you live Down Under?

I'm headed your way in October.  

Sydney and Melbourne to be super specific. 

Would you like to meet up?

I have already received lots of positive feedback from all you Aussies when I announced my upcoming trip on Facebook

If you're interested in a meetup: email me at lapbandgal at yahoo dot com.

We could eat Vegemite sandwiches together and pet each others ports.

Good times.


  1. Actually, bikini-vaccuming would make a great Olympic sport.

  2. Good for you! Someone who has achieved as much as you, and who is as motivating and seems to be such a positive person should be comfortable in her own skin. And you beautiful to boot!

    Tots jealous of your upcoming trip. I WILL go before I die.

  3. crazytown actually has a population of 2. ;)