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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Stranger in a Strange Land

I don't do gyms.

Those big corporate gyms full of cardio and weight machines just don't do it for me.

All those zombie-like people on their treadmills and elliptical machines staring into space....staring at all the people walking by.

Surprisingly, I did actually belong to a gym about 6+ years ago.

I paid that membership fee each and every month.

And I never actually went through those gym doors for more than a few weeks though.

A new year's resolution gone bad I suppose.

So let's fast forward to last night.

Guess what I did?

I put on my big girl panties and marched myself into a big  scary  anonymous gym for a cardio kickboxing class.

I was tempted by the free 7-day trial membership.

The moment that I walked in the door, I felt this level of uneasiness.

Like I was in a place that was not for me.

I don't belong here, I thought to myself.

A fish out of water.

I get this same level of hesitation when I walk into a Victoria's Secret store.  Like one of the sales ladies will point at me and shout "she's an impostor!" She doesn't belong here, they'll think.

Welcome to Crazytown.  Population: 1.

As I was talking myself down off of the ledge and trying not to think, "what the hell am I doing here?", the kickboxing class began.

And wouldn't you know it, THAT. CLASS. WAS. FUN.

Like a Zumba class but with less dancing, more kickin' ass, and punching imaginary people in the face.

An amazing workout full of lots of booty-shakin' music too.

My plan is to ride out this 7 day free trial and check out the other classes that they offer.

Could this be a new beginning for me and my workouts? 


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I love my health club for the classes.... I can take a defferant class every day depanding on my mood :) lol

  2. That is great that you enjoyed it!
    I thought I was the only one that felt that way in VS. I feel like they know I am really too big to wear any of this stuff. Even though I do fit into it now...will that ever go away??? I feel like this in every store I go into that is in a mall. Weirdness!

  3. I've noticed you do your workouts at home or at parks and rec type classes - and I like you think outside the box. I prefer places I feel secure too - I've used small women only gyms, and a YMCA that was terrific in one state we lived in (because I loved the child care program). I had some bad big gym experiences too - the key if it works for me is finding a couple classes I love and making the connections there, but it can be overwhelming. For me it is that personal connection that keeps me coming in/feeling more secure. I'd like to find a smaller gym where I live now, or do the classes like you have done, through some other source. But a larger gym is nice in that you can get so MANY services - we have one really close that has a lot of classes I'd love - yoga, kick boxing, a great pool, etc. I'm considering.... (I've also done the "pay and never go" thing, and been so mad at myself!)

    Keep us posted how it goes!! You CERTAINLY aren't an imposter!! You are so committed to fitness, and have been for so long - it is just if this feels like the right fit for you and offers classes you'd like at the times that will work for you! xox

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE kick boxing. It's definitely my exercise of choice and I think I'd do it every day if it as offered that often at my gym.
    I don't go to the gym to do those machines or weight, ever! I only go for the group exercise. I can't get into the other stuff. Boring!

  5. I too am thinking of re-joining our local club. Maybe after summer. I hear they have an awesome Zumba class.
    Anybody have tricks or tips for getting rid of back fat? :)

  6. I love cardio kickbox!!! Good for you on the outta my comfort zone thing!

  7. When I lived in NYC, I ALWAYS belonged to a gym-- and I loved it. I was never super skinny, I was very much the weight I am around now. I felt really comfortable b/c it was a big part of my day in and day out social life. I was single much of that time and it was a great place to be with people, even if I was 'alone' (so to speak.)
    Anywho: I highly recommend joining a gym if you love the classes and can get into the atmosphere.
    There is no reason to feel out of place or intimidated, that is ALL in your head. You are super fit and your body would be the envy of many in any gym.
    Go do your thang!