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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do You Promise Not To Tell Anyone?

Can you keep a secret?

Do you double-pinky-swear promise not to tell anyone what I am about to tell you?

You wouldn't spill the beans about yours truly, right?


Here goes.

Scroll down.

Keep scrolling down...

The secret is below....

OK.  So you know how I've been rockin' the Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD for a few months now?

Jillian makes me do push-ups.

She makes me do planks.

She makes me sweat.

Well here's the 411 and the secret:

Sometimes when Jillian is encouraging us (Pemberley and I) to do our plank moves, we are actually just lying there.


We are good pretenders.


It's our little secret.


  1. HA HA that's hysterical..great pic!

  2. But it looks like you are smiling, which impresses the heck out of me because I can't smile during this video. Die? I can do. Smile? Not so much.

    Well, OK, I might smile a little bit if I happen to glimpse my husband trying to do those bicycle ab moves in level 1. He kind of rolls around when he does them. :-)

  3. HA HA HA... Love it! We are all human! Bob was beating me up this morning and I did wall push ups.... lol!

  4. Love this - love the idea of kitty workouts x

  5. i have done her level one before and I about died... she would say there is no modified jumping jack so I made one up :) ... but now 50 pounds gone I can actually do a jumping jack witout feeling like i'm gonna die but I haven't put her on to yell at me in a while.

  6. I wont tell! I tried her 30 day shred just one day and was sore for a week!