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Monday, April 29, 2013

When Was the Last Time That I Wore Spanx?

This was the random question that popped into my head on Saturday night.

Why did this question come to mind?

I was at a comedy show and the comedian was making fun of how Spanx are like a popped can of Pillsbury can of biscuits.

I've rambled on and on about my wobbly bits (extra skin) and my use of Spanx here on the blog.

I think that if you cruise my YouTube channel (which I almost never update), you will even find a video about my loose skin.

Anywhoozle...when was the last time that I felt the need to wear Spanx and cover up all these rolls?

I haven't worn those scary stomach holding-in panties and tops under my clothes since I lived in Oregon.

That was 7+ months ago.

It's been awhile.

Maybe because I've been working out more and the wobbly bits aren't as noticeable?

Could be. But I doubt it.

Maybe I haven't worn my Spanx because I'm now OK with my extra skin?


Comfortable in my own skin?

An interesting thought...indeed.


  1. Girl, you're going to have to update your "after pics." You are a testament that our bodies keep changing if we put in the work and are patient.

    Woot Woot for no Spanx!

  2. holy cow I can't believe its been 7 months since Oregon...jeesh.time flys! You know I haven't worn spanx in awhile..and I probably need to!

  3. I feel like a can of Pilsbury in Spanx. I have only used them once I think. Thank goodness I dont wear panty hose much!

  4. I have never tried spanx. I guess you could say I am anti-spanx. I just don't believe in wearing clothes under my clothes that will make me hot and sweaty. I say...live your life without them!

  5. That's great that you are comfortable in your own skin, I am sure the exercise is helping. I have never worn spanx, it just doesn't appeal to me. I'll just jiggle until I firm up.